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Brad Cox Has Another One!   Triple Crown

Started Nov-15 by RAESFAN; 1063 views.

From: princeofdoc


Happen to be in Vegas, went by the Circa, now the only place with Derby futures, and for some reason, the previous price of 40-1 was raised to 100-1, so I got a ticket for the value.....hoping that Classier gets back into the game soon.  His recent works are slow for BB, so just wondering what the plans are...


From: horseman1985


Hmm... Interesting


From: princeofdoc


Cox has Mandaloun running this weekend at FG in the points race too.....let's see how good he is!




Caddo River certainly lived up to his billing. That was almost too easy!


From: princeofdoc


Major excellent works for Caddo River and Essential Quality this morning at Fairgrounds.....would love to hear what Cox had to say about them, wondered if they worked the 5F together, and if EQ galloped out after Caddo, who turned in a bullet.

Have to think these two are his most likely Derby colts, along with Mandaloun probably already in.  So what will his strategy be?  Mandaloun should most likely enter the LA Derby on 3/20, then work up to the Derby 6 wks later.

Essential Quality?  9 weeks of regular works, planned to enter the Southwest now delayed again, until 2/27...if he still goes there, what next?  Work up to the Ark Derby 6 wks later?  With only a 3 wk. wait til the Derby?  Is this the best rhythm of the horse?

And then what to do with Caddo River, also slated for the Southwest?  If I were to guide Cox, I would suggest considering GP and the FOY, with the FL Derby after, avoiding meeting up with EQ.  And then of course Prate has still to run, also ready with 7 wks of works.  Maybe to the Gotham on 3/6?  If successful, then to the Wood?

He also has Warrant and Outasite, both of whom have only run sprints, but are bred for more.....

A wealth of talent in his stable, but he really needs to consider all the alternatives to get his colts ready....


From: smartyslew


I think Caddo worked  with Owendale and I haven't seen it yet. should be interesting work.

both had a bullet.




Does McPeek have a Derby horse? I still like Partner’s Hope. I hope he gets in a prep. He’s had a little bad luck, but has shown some talent.


From: Wintertrian


Brad Cox is like Asmussen dopplinger last few years.  He's getting "the" horses. 

The Cox/Geroux team is still a few % points behind the Asmussen/Santana team at OP this year, at least to the end of February.  That can change of course.   

Only thing I like about McPeek is he doesn't lasix his 2 year olds which I think is good for them.   I think if he got sent better horses ala asmussen, cox and baffert, we might see him do more.   Of course, that is true of so many trainers.  You have to have an abundance of riches in your barn these days so you have options. 

Why I still love the "I only have one horse" barns and love to see them win the Big Ones.  The whole concept of the horse brings the trainer to the TC races.......when that happens like with Summer Bird.