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Jan. Derby Top 10   Triple Crown

Started Jan-3 by princeofdoc; 2653 views.

From: princeofdoc


I know it's early, so little to go on, but that's what makes it fun!  I'll start....

1) Life Is Good
2) Essential Quality
3) Keepmeinmind
4) Hot Rod Charlie
5) Medina Spirit
6) Jackie's Warrior
7) Spielberg
8) Senor Buscador
9) Rombauer
10) Arabian Prince

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From: princeofdoc


Amending my list.....forgot to include Caddo River, I'll take him over Arabian Prince.  I like AP to possibly hit the board, but unlikely to win, while Caddo River could be a major player.




I only have two right now.  I have been taking a break and have not kept up with who is training or injury

Essential Quality was my only horse on list last Oct.

Saville Road I bet on in the future bet, or rather the Quality Road sire as I miss the deadline on the Individual horses.

That's all I got.

Not sure if I will bet and play much this year.  BB has soured me on betting with the string of super horses he has all of a sudden came up with in the last five years.

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From: princeofdoc


Savile Road has yet to even work, not sure when he will debut.....must be an issue?

As regards BB, I hear you, he does make it difficult.....however, his horses are often amazing.  Life Is Good looks incredible, and I may make my first bet of a horse at 10-1 odds so early in the game.

Essential Quality is back working, and looks fantastic....but again, his price is already down to 12-1.  It's tough these days; the books don't want to get beat much, knowing that the only real early bets are taken by knowledgeable players.  I'm hoping that my bet on Keepmeinmind at 75-1 ends up being a good one....


From: princeofdoc


Wondering if you've looked at Olympiad?  Interesting breeding, Speightstown out of a Medaglio mare, beat Caddo River in good maiden victory, now working again.....




No, I had not looked at that one prior.  I just went and did a quick look and first glance, I don't really like for a Derby horse, 10f at CDin the spring.  Tail female same as verazanno (also Keen Ice), not a lot of Derby influence in that ped for me, of course, if BB training, that does not matter. (don't know trainer)


From: smartyslew


I played around looking at this years crops pedigrees, I didn't pay that

much attention at 2's last year. I couldn't believe your only pick from 2's

last year. I see why you only have one on your list. also did you notice the 8 sires in

the 4th generation  4 Mr p's, 3 Nor Dancer, 1 Seattle Slew at the top in the sire line.

The 8 Mares in the 4th generation Sires 3 Secretariat's,  Dam of Ap Indy, Dam Of Gone West

And Dam of Storm Cat,  2 In Reality's, 3rd Dam of Tapits, 4th Dam 1x of Essential Quality.

And what I really like is 3 lines of La Troiennes daughter Baby League of the 8 lines of Family 1x.

Baby League for the Derby is the key Mare for La troiennes Daughter for the 1x tff

learned it from Crest's much further research than what I did. Baby League is in Essential

Quality's tff line. I forgot My Charmer 13c  Dam of Seattle Slew has two lines of Baby League

in Her Pedigree Both Her Sire and Bmsire 1x Beautiful Rasmussen Factor.

Lot to like here.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Hey there my friend!  :)

I'm jumping back in this year because it looks like what made me jump out is no longer in play.  The preps are drug free & the HISA passed into law.  I imagine all the jurisdictions will eventually align with the one set of rules & with the USADA handling the drug & doping stuff.  I think the miscreants will be dealt with much more harshly.

We, the bettors & fans, deserve a clean sport.  The horses deserve impeccable handling before during & after their careers.

I am hopeful.  Let's see what we can figure this racing season.  I have one under the radar which I am not going to name until I see his next race or 2.  

Best of luck to everyone!


From: princeofdoc


C'mon Steve!  Don't keep us in the dark.....although dark horses are exactly what we look for!

Did you notice the recent suspensions in CA for using too much whip?  That's also new out there, can only use the whip 6x, and only from underhanded position.  Like the intention, but hard to enforce.....will also have to change the style of riding for many of the jocks.