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Future pools   Triple Crown

Started 1/24/21 by smartyslew; 4469 views.

From: smartyslew


Pool 2:

Baffert with 5, we are better than this!  Bezos must be the one 20-1 ML

and never raced. tff 37 below the Bms line a weak female pedigree for the 1st Saturday in May.

Empire Maker and Api asked to carry the load. Thats a good nick but 10f in May, 126 pounds

needs to find something for that bottom. Imo doesn't belong on here. 20-1 on the come.

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From: princeofdoc


This is the 1st time I can remember that a futures pool in Jan. included an unraced colt.  Ridiculous.  Doesn't include Classier, or even Freedom Fighter, who is working again.....must be because of some Baffert Buzz?!?  But it's the same connections as Hozier and Fenway, both of whom have yet to break maiden.

Yes, many with Baffert, but he also gets a, aside from the two above-mentioned overbet colts, he also has Du Jour, Editor in Chief, Va Va Vegas, Barraza, and Man Friday....none of whom can yet break maiden.  So yes, he does get some spectacular colts like Concert Tour and Life Is Good,...and Spielberg, but many others that may turn out to be overbet Baffert also-rans.

Savile Row is yet to come back working, he may be good.  Interesting that Spielberg as a recent stakes winner, beating a horse that came back to romp recently, is well below a horse who only just won a 6f. mdn race in 1:10.




Saffie has a horse I like too in Drain The Clock. He may wind up being a sprinter, but as a son of Maclean's Music, out of an Arch mare, the jury's still out. His only loss in 4 starts was in the Jean Laffite at Delta when he lost his rider. Under the radar! 


From: princeofdoc


Looks like they agree with you.....entered him the Swale this weekend, keeping him racing one turn only.

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From: smartyslew


Horses That interest me in pool 2 : 1/24/21`
5 Essential Quality, 7 Greatest Honour, 12 Life Is Good, 19 Prime Factor,

20 Proxy, 21 Senor Buscador, 24 all 0ther 3 yr olds

2021 Kentucky Derby Future WagerOfficial Field - Pool Two
Final OddsPool 2
Pool 2
  M/l,  final odds

 1Bezos-20-1 / 26-1  
2Caddo River m30-1 13-1  
3Capo Kane-30-1 66-1  
4Concert Tour-15-1  16-1
5Essential Quality 8-1 8-1  
6Fire At Will 30-1 45-1  
7Greatest Honour-50-1 40-1  
8Highly Motivated 20-1  24-1
9Hot Rod Charlie 30-1 40-1
10Jackie's Warrior 20-1 23-1
11Keepmeinmind 20-1 19-1
12Life Is Good 6-1  7-1
13Mandaloun-20-1  42-1
14Medina Spirit-12-1  24-1
15Midnight Bourbon 30-1 26-1
16Mutasaabeq- 30-1  47-1
17Olympiad-    50-1  64-1
18Prate-30-1 48-1
19Prime Factor-30-1 21-1
20Proxy-  50-1  76-1
21Senor Buscador-20-1 34-1
22Speilberg-  30-1  47-1
23Wipe The Slate- 50-1 87-1

24Mutuel field (all other 3-year-olds) 9-5  9-5



From: princeofdoc


Prime Factor, still?  Even after the Holy Bull race?


From: smartyslew


This was on 1/24/21 before the Holy Bull with odds, and was message 2 on here that Tex took down

I forgot the Rules and posted the Odds from another future sight. with speed figures

and a few splits that were warranted hopefully as a leading indicator for some that fit their style.

The  only two  I had on my list that raced this week came in 1st and 3rd in the Holy Bull.

you can look to see  who the  other 4 are that didn't race plus the field #24.

Also what I posted was posted on facebook last week.

EDIT Correction : It was posted on The Derby top 10 message 37 and 38, I can't remember what post 2 was.

  • Edited February 1, 2021 12:14 am  by  smartyslew



I saw somewhere that Crowded Trade was at 55-1. The writer listed him as a "deep closer". First of all, I haven't seen enough yet to move him up from my honorable mentions, to my top ten, and I'm a shameless MTR promoter. 55-1 is definitely too low at this point. Secondly, how based on that one race can he be classified as a "deep closer", after the bad start he encountered?


From: smartyslew


My guess: Somebody didn't watch the replay, read the top line call points 4f,6f,8f, etc

and noticed the closing splits. years ago I asked that question and was told it was an intern

That did that. end of answer. 

Sometimes I think morning line makers get in a hurry and does that same thing. 

After his next race he could be labeled a front runner.

Bris I don't always agree with their style labels either you do your own dd.

I have seen their last race data ex, A Closer with the fasted 6f time, things like that.