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Future pools   Triple Crown

Started 1/24/21 by smartyslew; 4233 views.

From: princeofdoc


Very interesting......their selection committee seems inexperienced, actually.  I would venture to guess that at least 10, possibly 12, of these don't make the gate, and their odds are way too low.  Spielberg at 46-1 AFTER the FL derby?  I bet him at 125-1 before the previous prep, when he still had a chance!

Collaborate at 36-1?!?  While Helium is only a shade less?  Not surprised the All Others got a little more attention, the morning line was absurd.  Not sure myself who might make the gate.....maybe Swiftsure, if Asmussen feels confident about his works to enter him in the Ark Derby?  The foreign ones you named could enter and have a chance too.  Maybe Baffert's Defunded, if he goes in the SA Derby?  Keepmeinmind and Get Her Number with a chance in the Ark Derby....certainly as much as Caddo River?  Rombauer?  The bet down was definitely because of Known Agenda, but there is definitely other value there as well.


From: smartyslew


I couldn't believe in a Pool 5, 33 days before the Derby That all others odds dropped from 20-1 M/L

to 5-1. reasons Life Is Good is out, Most didn't see the Interview Greatest Honour's Jockey had with Paul De Luca before the race with the intent of Moving to the rail to take dirt , last race he almost stopped because

of dirt in his face and he didn't like it, That can backfire IMO, you can take dirt in the face at 10 miles

an hour or at 40 miles an hour, when he moved to the outside he wasn't his usual self, maybe he will be gun shy next time. also I think there are many North American Cappers That they bet #24 All Others

Because they Thought it was good strategy to bet a Foreign entry to win .Problem was for whatever

reason it got bet down to 5-1, including the FL derby winner, and many bet the odds were higher than 5-1.