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Started Feb-6 by Wintertrian; 192 views.

From: Wintertrian


I will have this topic for horses I think are nice.  Remember year before last I had a thing for Stock Deal, and he's made me some $$.

This one really dueled it out at 6F today but came in 2nd.  The brave one that won was a $1,000 horse  LOL   
This one is a More Than Ready Filly $180K

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From: Wintertrian


We're having ice storms and a big freeze.  They cancelled the weekend stakes races. 
Watched today, muddy track, speed winning. 

I have been keeping track of the mud days, cuz there are a lot of them.  Why I always say if you're looking for a mudder and an OP horse makes the Derby gate, take a 2nd look if you like them a little.   Because unlike gulfstream, santa anita, etc. you can rest assure the horse has worked and raced and trained in mud during the OP meet.  :)