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Kentucky Derby 2021 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 2/28/21 by DogsUp; 70521 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


Dogs, i did that in 2010, the Super Saver win. I had the 3 for the tri/box ticket and for some reason i added my favorite horse for that year Jackson Bend and played a super/box instead. Well, we know where JB ended up...a lackluster 10th i believe.

Never did that again. If i lose a bet, its on me!


From: DogsUp


Wheel / key; don't box in such a large field.

With just a change of start pole/finish pole,  premier jockey,Rosario, who is riding big horses to win makes a simplistic mistake. But provides example of best jocks and race riding is differential in KDy.

Derby point++ Jocks leave a chute, embattle traffic of 20 out of the gate. Run up is 3 times shorter in some cases. Gauging when and where to ride mount is unique.

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From: DogsUp


Hot Rod Charlie

Team O'Neill bros start by Denny O N purchasing at auction. Then Douggie barn team turns them into Derby winners a la I'll Have Another + Nyquist.

Flav Prat rides. Won Derb on DQ of  Max S on Country House. Actually 2nd Place.

Must go out early to force runners to do more than they want before the stretch.

Flav rode as above in Derby 2017 and 3rd behind Lookin at Lee and winner Always Dreaming.

Flav 'in the Derby early and often 

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From: DogsUp


This Catholic Boy tossed Jesus Team in the big Dubai yet likes Derby runner:

Sainthood running 2nd to The King in Jeff Ruby 'Steaks. (That's the spelling Husk) they cook em and eat em.

Sainthood can handle the early going by staying say 5 horses in front (in Derby) *as he did in Ruby and comport to not fight the jock. Be along the rail and move outside. Run outside and Bob and weave through tiring horses. He got bumped in stretch in Ruby making his run. But can/did take a punch and closed gamely. 


The King & Saint ran 1:50 though. Saint could have lost 2 seconds in transit. Saint #5. Pletcher Winstar.

Carried 123. This his 3rd lifetime.

Like underneath guy can handle longer and can roll late.

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From: Wintertrian


Yeah, Rosario 'forgot' where the finish line was when riding Rushie last weekend.   

It's unreal that he would do this. 

I don't know why people like him. When he is aboard a horse I like I shudder, esp. since I  know he will go wide wide wide. 



From: Oldbettowin


They should call it the Jeff Ruby Steaks Stakes.

Just finished my taxes, the usual 5 hour ordeal.  Beat that Dogs.

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From: DogsUp


Hot Rod Charlie .

Doug O'Neill older bro Denniss goes to auction buys recent KDY winners Nyquist & I'll Have Another. Know how to get There. Same team of stable crew underneath. They rent a house and live together/team prior Derby. 

Two prior winners with Raddam owner. 

HRC owner blood relative of O'Neill bros. Owners in winner circle always seem overwhelmed that they have such a great colt.


From: Oldbettowin


He definitely looks the part.  Long and lean, not like a sprinter.


From: DogsUp


In the last decade O'Neill clan has 2 Derbys. They score, they hedge up on list of consistency winners like a Baffert that is a frequent visitor with the Gov after Dby win. 

Baff recipe is owners send him horses.

O'Neill bros find them at auction


From: Plus2lbs



The Recipe..

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