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Fla Derby   Triple Crown

Started 3/21/21 by Plus2lbs; 4088 views.
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From: smartyslew


Because of Meds I  haven't bet to many races the last couple years and I haven't
Bet most of these preps, didn't bet last week not betting the preps this weekend
so don't confuse me with somebody on here that are Cappin These races,and compare it to me. If I do
start cappin I'll let you know and I have a toolbox full of tools that most on here use.
Here is a tidbit for the Florida Derby, I noticed First timers with no Lasix are low percentage
plays for the Prep winners, doesn't mean they can't win, odds are low.
5 entrants firsters might help for the win.  45% of field 
Florida Derby First timers with out Lasix:
Quantum Leap Last 2 L, L, Only win on Lasix, brk Mdn. in last
Southern Passage last 3 ,L L L, only Win 4 back ,no Lasix, slop, no wins 21,
Known Agenda last Lb, won by 11, Pletcher desperate only med race of 5, red Flag
6 entrants race written for ToD, imo
Soup And Sandwich 2 for 2, L, L, Sprint Number 8 pts higher than Route
field of 3 in last, field of 6 in 1st
Collaborate 2 races 1-1-0-0, Brk Mdn Last ..L, L



I am going with Spielberg for the win. I agree with whoever said he doesn't care for SA surface. If you look as his dry dirt form everywhere else, he is actually a nice runner. Soup and Sandwich is my live longshot. I will box those two with the favorite.

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From: smartyslew


Here are the Bris Pars  For the Florida Derby

Greatest Honour 2 back, nobody else comes close to the pars.
doesn't mean its a one horse race


Bris Pars : Florida Derby
E1  94 E2  103  LATE 93 SPEED 103   
E1 94 E2  103   Late 99  Speed 103> Greatest Honour 2 back Holy Bull 8.5 f

From: Plus2lbs


Way to go Chief..


From: DogsUp


Goooood going.

All NYRA colony jocks on the board.

This crop is limited. 

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Known Agenda ruined my exacta. I really didn’t like him here.

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From: Wintertrian


Wintertrian said...

I was wavering between Collaborate and Known Agenda for the win..... decided to go with KA, I am not ready to put $$ on Collaborate with only 2 maidens under his belt

Nice to be right once in a while.   :)  right Chief? 

I had looked over past races and horses that won the races that the favorite won didn't win the FL Derby.  I figured he was due to lose one. That's why I said "he doesn't HAVE to win this."   I needed the win for a contest pick, so that's really only reason I looked at the race.  other race was the jeff ruby, everyone pretty much had Tarrantino......boy he sure didn't do well at all.  Dead last.   I didn't get that one right either though. 



From: smartyslew


Did you see the Interview with Ortiz before the Race ?

Last race when he stopped he was taking Dirt in his face and didn't like it

and he moved Honour to the outside in the clear and he took off running.

Today I'm taking a good break and moving to the rail where he will take dirt

to help him run thru it. In a 20 horse field you never know where you will draw

and he needs to run thru dirt. Only thing he was flat this time when he ran in the clear.

I'm nuetral if that helped him or not. Might be gun shy.


From: Wintertrian


As I have already noted, I am not wagering the KY Derby.     

I will keep saying it as long as I have to, Baffert has essentially ruined racing with his clones that all run the same, and I suspect that is what steve roman started to see when the sire and mare profiles no longer made sense.    

Did you guys see that Merneith tested + for Dextrophen in July and the excuse this time was the mother of all excuses, that the groom was fighting covid-19 at the time and was treating his persistent coughing  with cough meds that had that in them."   

Nobody grooms horses while coughing their heads off from covid-19, and if they ARE working with that kind of illness, then there REALLY IS SOMETHING WRONG with Baffert's barn anyway.  I'd like to know more about "the working conditions" there but I'm sure he'll just get a pass on that, too.   

But how many f'ing contamination stories are we going to have to listen to?     This should be an outrage at this point, yet racing fans are just cluck, cluck, clucking.      What, did the horse lick the groom's lips after he took Daquil?   Give me a break.  Least of which people are not even supposed to be working with covid-19......they are supposed to be QUARANTINED.  Apparently, you don't get a day off even with Covid at the Baffert barn???  Why wasn't the health department there?

Life is Good, Concert Tour, fill in the blank........does it really even matter?   This trainer will take any well-bred horse from ANY sire and they will run wire-to-wire.    They all look the same, they all run the same.  As a friend of mine has noted, this trainer has destroyed the purity of the sport.     

Oooh and ahhh all ya want over his horses.  It's not their fault.   He's souping them up.  Everyone knows this and nobody wants to put the brakes on.  Rich owners.  And Baffert gets a % of the breeding rights.   What's not to like?  


From: princeofdoc


I'm sure there is something to what you are alleging.....his barn certainly needs monitoring.  But all his horses are not performing.  Spielberg certainly didn't, nor did Freedom Fighter....or several others.  Yes, he does get some well bred horses, more than his share, and he does get some of them to perform excellent at the right time.  So it's a mixture, but I wouldn't agree that he has ruined thoroughbred racing.  Let's see who wins this Derby, we're still a ways off, and there is some good running to watch!