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Fla Derby   Triple Crown

Started 3/21/21 by Plus2lbs; 4113 views.

From: Plus2lbs


Well..i was just thinking this.. last week..and this is happening.

BB comes to town with a the usual thinks this is a betting race..

BB wouldn't show up here if it were not for Greatest Honor..winner is KY Derby fav.

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From: princeofdoc


Who is he bringing?


From: ChiefsCrown


Greatest Honor has a spot locked up in the derby. Unless he's going for the Florida trifecta (H. Bull, FOY and Fla Derby) i'm thinking he'll run well enough for a paid workout. 

Not sold on Spielberg here. Liking Known Agenda, Papatu, Nova Rags and GH for the super/box.

I like Known Agenda for the win.





Collaborate and Soup and Sandwich are a couple of late blooming Derby hopefuls. Both look to have talent, and will be prepared to run big as this is their only shot to get in the big race. Collaborate will be bet down, while Soup and Sandwich will probably be a good price. I might take a chance on him to hit the board.


From: princeofdoc


Yes, both are talented colts, and will be trying hard, certainly.....but for both, 1st time Lasix, as well as distance, and up in weights.....I think Collaborative will try to steal it, with S&S not far behind.  If they get out with soft fractions, could certainly last, but I like Known Agenda and GH to run them down.

The bomb could be Jirafales....I'll be playing him in the exotics, though I question no published works since his last.  Wondering why Romans is running Southern Passage back so quickly, there are other opportunities for a prep....

Castellano is taking Spielberg, he's a tough one to figure.....if the race was at Los Al, I'd give him a shot!

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From: Wintertrian


FL Derby was always my most favorite prep race. 
This year, I have no idea who these horses are. 

Maybe I need to study up, but sometimes I am grateful for a "just watch" race, so I don't feel pressured to cap it.   


From: princeofdoc


You should feel pressure, Winter.....we depend upon your insights!


From: Plus2lbs


Would like to see racehorse times...


From: smartyslew


Here is some tidbits from bris: Florida Derby
this is to show that the designated style for a horse doesn't mean he will run that way'
from the last race each came out of. some were graded, msw, stks etc.

its hard to tell Greatest Honour coming out of a graded stks race early number would be 
the 3rd best from this group running early in the last race. I preferred not to put all the PP's
on here. But its the adjustment bris uses for these numbers last race coming from all kinds of races.

Early pace last race: slow for the group

1-Nova Rags p7 1st: 90 2nd, 9-Collaborate EP4 2nd 87-1st,7-Greatest Honour  S 0 3rd 85-1st 3-Jirafales S 0 4th 84-5th

Late Pace last:

8-Soup and Sandwiches EP 6) 1st 106-1st, 7-Greatest Honour  S 0 2nd 105-1st. 4-Southern Passage S 0 3rd 100-2nd, Quantum Leap EP 5 (4th98-1st.
, 11-Papetu P3, 4th 98-3rd.

Here is a race that type of horse style like E8,P7,S O, EP 4,etc shows why I seldom pay any attention
to them. Its like this a lot. early pace p7 type 1st, late pace type E P 6, 1st.'

NO E style in the Florida Derby race, where's the speed.  9 and 8???? with the 7 running 3rd ???

1-p7,2-EP 5, 3-s o,4-S 0, 5-P4, 6 -S1,7 -S 0, 8-EP 6,9-EP 4, 10-P2, 11-P3 (11 entrants)