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Fla Derby   Triple Crown

Started 3/21/21 by Plus2lbs; 3955 views.

From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

As much as I like your posts over the years, it is clear that you have "no stomach" for anyone that disagrees with you.  I personally like a forum with complexity and a diversity of ideas.....and without even a hint of bullying. 

I appreciate your passion for the sport, and your lambasting of those you feel are responsible for destroying thoroughbred racing is a welcome addition to the conversation.  But it can't be one way, Winter's way or the highway.....we can respectably have a different perspective without it being over our heads.

Wow.  I guess you told ME.   LOL  

Basically, it sounds like my disagreeing with you means that "I" have no stomach for disagreement?  So I shouldn't disagree with you?  

I"ve been disagreed with at least 1,000 times since I've been on this forum.  Opinions are welcomed.......but so is rebuttal of those opinions. 

I'm bullyin you?   Pshaw!  Being opinionated is distinctly different from being a bully, by the way.   

And 3/4 of the horse players on the planet do not approve of how Baffert has been allowed to keep escaping punishment w/nary a handslap.   If you like him and/or think he's good for racing, I will just disagree with ya.     Ditto for many other of the CA cheaters.   Its sure not going to stop me from posting about it.   (If I remember correctly, I put out the same type of rant on Jason Servis.........and months later, we all know what happened with him.)  And trainers don't get nicknames like "drug o'neil" for absolutely no reason.   LOL  

THere are some very ethical and upstanding people in this game.  I feel very comfortable calling out the ones that IMHO, don't meet that definition.    

And in no world, on any forum, am I going to take up for Baffert or how he was protected in closed door meetings by a racing board that is supposed to oversee the intergrity of the sport under their watch.   If this is "my way or the highway" then so be it.  I'd kick him as far to the curb as can go.  And, it will happen one day, just like it did with Servis. 

But I will apologize if my style of expressing my opinion offends you.   That is certianly not my intent.  I am, however, passionate about my opinions of the cheating that is going on in US racing.......andd the side effect of what that does to the horses.     I will not deny that. 

Esp. after I read Old Friends statement that many of the horses they get, who require veterinary care, don't even have a good vein left in order that they may receive their meds.  That should bother everybody.   No sport should involve serious animal abuse. Injecting young horses with Thyro-x who have no diagnosis of thyroid disease would certainly be one such example.   The guys who do it still have training licenses.  Hrumpph!

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Since the inception of the points system, and throw out last year, all horses who crossed the wire first in the Derby were undefeated at 3. It seems that the screws need to be tightened for every start at 3 to win the thing.


From: princeofdoc


I'm sorry you misunderstood me, Winter......nowhere in my post did I suggest I have a problem with your opinions or your disagreements with me.

I simply took issue with your statement your position was "over my head".  To me that felt like disrespect.  I'm not saying you intended to disrespect anyone who disagrees with you....only that it felt like that to me.