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Bluegrass Stakes   Triple Crown

Started 3/31/21 by princeofdoc; 3692 views.

From: Gerh


Doesn’t look like a lot of speed signed on but if a few jocks start thinking about stealing it,things could heat up in a hurry


From: DogsUp


EQ was my pick in BC juvey.

In JANUARY the DogsUp Delta Kentucky Derby colt..

Really big on him to become 5 for 5 in B. Grass.

Colt was about 4/5 when he ran/won at your track in last.

Should ( must) be 3/5 this B Grass.

Point was not about winning. Nor price to take prohibitive.

If he closes at even money. 1 to 1.  Or more; becomes a tell tale board  that he could falter.

And colt is certainly one with points , that if he encounters a significant trouble line: Saez will wrap him up and save him for less than  30 days until reboot in Dby

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From: ChiefsCrown


I don't like betting low odds horses either but EQ has 40 pts and needs at least a 3rd to solidify a slot. I think he's a must use regardless. 

Using EQ, HS, HM and Untreated in supers.

Dogs, are you nocturnal? What are you doing up at 3:30 am? LOL

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From: smartyslew


You know a lot of that was tongue in cheek. Saying that my point was if you really have a strong feeling

Take a Cheap dollar shot for giggles.

EQ is A horse for the course and I don't think they want to sit on the projected bubble with 

40 points.


From: Northof64


I will try to get a score with$20 atb on Untreated. Like the fact that Rosario is on him!!  North

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From: princeofdoc


Wondering about breezing HS today, just 2 days before the race.....anyone with thoughts about this?


From: ChiefsCrown


Great to hear Dogs...You'll probably outlive most of us on this blog!! You going to post your Bluegrass and Wood picks tomorrow?

"Live long and prosper"

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From: smartyslew


Good Luck, This horse is scary, Team Valor moved him from Chad Brown to Pletcher after one race.

And he won his 1st race with Pletcher.

Anytime I see Fappiano and Pulpit in 5 generations its automatic for my watch list

no matter the Dosage or CMP . His DI of 7.80 is misleading. 

This is the Dams 3rd foal with a 3rd different nick , the other 2 were fillies

that might be broodmares.