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Bluegrass Stakes   Triple Crown

Started 3/31/21 by princeofdoc; 3705 views.

From: smartyslew


That's a good Question!!

JV is riding Medina Spirit for Baffert AT Santa Anita !

Must be the one for him !


From: DogsUp


Rosario/ East coast connections jockey/NYRA - Florida winter; is at Keenland to ride in the richest Big day - big purses money races. 

Mounts in 9 of 10 races.

3 M/L favorites.

5 aboard 2nd M/Liners

JV is at Santa Anita for Baffert to win a place, get his Derby horse and Baff has a rider for this one should they win the shot at a Derby gate.

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From: Northof64


9 of 10 i did not know 


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

Good Luck, This horse is scary, Team Valor moved him from Chad Brown to Pletcher after one race.

WHY would Irwin move Untreated to Pletcher, who is 1 for 41 over the last 5 years graded stakes on dirt, going long off a maiden win?

Maybe Untreated is scary, but I find that statistic about as scary as you can get.  

That said, over the last decade I've come to like Pletcher a bit more than the abject cheaters he's surrounded by.  He seems a lot more on the up-and-up than many of them. 

I look for his horse to make some noise this summer.  I will not touch him now at 10-1.  



From: DogsUp



I touted Doug and his brother Dennis who buys colts at auction for kid bro clients.  These two are related to owners of Hot Rod Charlie. The bros usually in past year Derby quests combine with owner team Reddam of Nyquist  - I'll Have Anotther Derby win fame.

Yet my numero uno is EQ  with 40 points.  HRC 110.  Win today by EQ at 100 pointavos* would install him KD point leader. (really wished that HRC was not a known quantity to one day shooter Derby ticket buyers. *Husker I made up this word.

3/5 EQ is a good price if one smokes US machine made cigars. And lights em with free pack of matches.

Ergo, accordingly; and I never could get into when it is said: with that being said...go pick 4 into B Grassy. A Pic 5 would have a 1st leg 5.5 lawn installment with too big a cast. The 7 furlong first leg of the selection fortisimo is wide open..

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From: princeofdoc


So who are you including in your pick 4?  Are you singling EQ in the BG?

I like the pick 3 into the Wood myself.....will be chalky, but I am playing to Brooklyn Strong, so will get a bit of a price


From: DogsUp


11th EQ cold

10.  3 4 5 6.  Need # 3 for $ticket

9.2356. Vig a spread

8.  2 5 7 9, 12, 13 need fav 13 post not get there + is M/L at 3/1

$48 for 50 cents 

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From: Wintertrian


Essential Quality looked like he could go around again.  They should re-name him Relentless, cuz he was. 

Props to Highly Motivated for running such a good race .  I should have put him in and I would have had the super high five.   Oaklawn is paying better today so......