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Ark Derby   Triple Crown

Started 4/4/21 by princeofdoc; 3405 views.

From: princeofdoc


Well I was wrong about CT, definitely, but right about Hozier.....I do think BB will still enter Medina Spirit and CT, but I agree with you, CT will not win it.  I hope Caddo does run back in the Derby, he may get an uncontested lead, unless Rock goes with him.....and he could easily last for the super


From: Wintertrian


Brisnet had it exactly right in their Prime Power, Current Class, Average Class Last 3, and Backspeed ratings..........that was the trifecta.

I only played it based on horses who needed a win or place to get into the gate.

On my picks board and a contest elsewhere I was in, 99% had CT as the winner......the Baffert factor is so strong nobody even questions it.  But not one of the oaklawn players had superstock 1st.   A few had him in 2nd.  

I don't think Superstock is going to do much in the Derby.  But I don't see Caddo or CT doing much, either.   I will most likely not use any of them for the win spot. 



From: Oldbettowin


CT sort of stalked for a little while but not really.  I thought it looked like he wanted to catch CR the whole way.


From: smartyslew


I think it was race riding instructions from Baffert, pressure him to get rank  like

last time it backfired, Baffert's horse was rank this time ! imo


From: Oldbettowin


Lol!  Serves them right if so.

In reply toRe: msg 29

From: Wintertrian


For the record, any horse out of the AR Derby this year is far down on my ticket, if on there at all. 
Caddo River can't rate, and pretty sure Concert Tour can't, either...they are not natural stalkers, and unless you think either one can go gate to wire, I just don't think either would have enough left over for that extra distance in the Derby.

Super Stock isn't "super" enough in anything, but I'm willing to see how he progresses.  

Looking elsewhere for a KY Derby winner.   Of course Baffert has between now and then to give majick/contamination so who knows what kind of *peak* CT will achieve in the next few weeks, eh?

I just wanted Caddo River to redeem himself, that was all.   I still think he should skip it and go in the Preakness.  





I think Super Stock is improving. Third off the layoff in the Derby might put him right there.


From: DogsUp


& All.. When one hears a drummer play 4 or 5 tunes or looks at 6 to 10 pieces of an artist's works. Is what it is. And like evaluating a colt's body of work visual,PPs, chart and other info read.

If the colt is an ordinary of the 20 KDyers, got to go longer than how he got/gets to 9 fl.

Their next work/performance they are not likely to come out swinging like Buddy Rich or looking like a Picasso.