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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 25803 views.

From: smartyslew


I haven't seen anything .



Rebel's Romance ran 6348.425 feet in the UAE Derby in 116.28 seconds (1:56.28). Adjusted to 6270 ft (Preakness distance), which he covered in 114.84 (1:54.84). 

Then there's the issue of timing from the gate with no run-up, which could you deduct somewhere between 1 and 1.8 seconds from the final time.

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I've got one somewhat similar to this.  I look at haplotype E and L for the Belmont specifically.  L is mostly the higher letters in FF5 and a couple in ff11 I believe.  E is basically FF3.  I do not have any test for 8 but it is one that I look for as it is better in the BEL than the KD as a tailFF


From: smartyslew


Family 8 has many producer  branches ,I like to look for Woodbine, many conduits

trace to her sooner or later. 2004-2007 they were red hot.


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

I’m just not sure who he beat besides Panadol and France Go De Ina

You are right, Rebel's Romance does have a nice way of going.  And Panadol isn't exactly chopped liver.  US bred....2nd to Rebel's Romance in UAE Derby. And 1st in the 1900m Al Bastakiya by quite a lot.  He's a monster IMHO and nobody in the U.S. will ever get to see him.  Same breeder bred a  BC F&M Sprint winner and Friend's Lake who beat the pants off Tapit in the FL Derby in 2004.  

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From: smartyslew


Edit to correct the Rasmussen Factor from Rock Your World to
Rebels Romance.
rasmussen factor:1 pt positive
 Rebels Romance
RAN BM Sire Line: neutral
Bourbonic, Essential Quality>> Won, France Go
Rebels Romance, Rock your World
21st century
4 Belmont Winners have the ran BMsire line.
2 Ran lines, 2 Mr P's lines 

From: Oldbettowin


Starting with 2019 and going back 20 years:

Sir Winston RAN-RAN

Justify ND-BR

Tapwrit INT (np)-T2

Creator SD (np)-Prince (np)

Am. Pharoah ND-RAN

Tonalist Rib (np)-ND

Palace Malice ND-T2

Union Rags RAN-ND

Ruler on Ice RAN-Buck

Drosselmeyer ND-BR

Summer Bird ND-RAN

Da ‘Tara Rib (np)-T2

Rags to Riches ND-Nas 

Jazil ND-Nas 

Afleet Alex T2-Haw

Birdstone ND-Prince (np)

Empire Maker ND-Int (np)

Sarava ND-GM (np)

Point Given RAN-INT (np)

Commendable Int (np)-DrF (np)

Broodmare sireline:  10 ND, 5 non-Phalaris (2 Ribot, 2 Int, 1 Prince), 4 RAN, 1 BR or Nas.

Broodmare dam’s sireline:  6 non-Phalaris (2 Prince, 2 Int, 1 GM, 1 Ribot), 3 RAN, 3 T2, 2 ND, 2 Nas, 2 BR, 1 Buck, 1 Haw...ND much better in bmsireline.

Non-Phalaris good in either:  9 had an np in one or the other although only 4 in the last 15 years.  np in the bmsireline worked with another np 2 twice, T2 twice, and ND once.  np on the bottom worked with ND 3X, another np twice, and RAN once.

Most often in the bmsireline is ND; worked with another Phalaris 7X and an np 3X in a row 16-18 years back but none since.



From: smartyslew


0-0 stamina contender without a stam chef in 5 gen.1negative pt
Bourbonic, Hot Rod Charlie-2nd  ,1st,.3rd ,4th okok
only one stamina chef- 1negative pt
Brooklyn Strong, Overtook, Rombauer,--3rd
no stam chef-sire side- 1 negative
Bourbonic,Hot Rod Charlie,-2nd
stam chef 4 gen------------------- 1 positive pt   
Brooklyn Strong, Essential Quality, Won, Known Agenda, 4th
Rebels Romance, Rock Your World
dominate  classic pts -1 positive pt 
None, I mean nobody



From: Oldbettowin


dominate  classic pts -1 positive pt 
None, I mean nobody
RR comes really close though doesn’t he?