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Triple Crown Series   Triple Crown

Started 4/18/21 by smartyslew; 26874 views.

From: Oldbettowin


Travel Column’s run in the Oaks would seem to call into question the Louisiana Derby card, which Beyers liked almost as much as the SA.  

sorry, meant that for ALL lol


From: Gerh


Pat Day Mile was fantastic.

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From: smartyslew


Love those early fractions, that was great coming down the lane. Dream Shake has a lot of speed to finish second.

He lost to Rock Your World and behind Medina Spirit in his last race. Hmmnnn


From: Gerh


They both ran great,considering those early fractions


From: princeofdoc


Exactly.....I think you have to upgrade the SA Derby and those 2 runners.

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Top 5

1. Essential Quality

2. O Besos

3. Rock the World

4. Hidden Stash

5. Highly Motivated

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From: smartyslew



1/8 pole (at the 9.5 f pole) chart to project their final time at 10f. I didn't score the Visuals of each race
Essential Quality    -         2:00.20 -4th
Known Agenda                2:00. 72
Highly Motivated             2:01.00
Hot Rod Charlie               2:01.16-3rd
Rock Your World              2:01.30
Obesos                           2:01.47-5th
Medina Spirit                   2:01.70--1st
Like The King                  2:01.86
Mandaloun                     2:01.87- 2nd
Brooklyn Strong             2:01. 87
Midnight Bourbon            2:01.92
Bourbonic                       2:02.49
Soup And Sandwich         2:02.71
Keepmeinmind                2:02/71    
Helium                            2:02.77
Hidden Stash                   2:02.79
Dynamic One                  2:02.80       
Sainthood                       2:02.82
Super Stock                    2:03.97
Anybody know who Has the 2nd Best Marriage to pack 126 pounds for 3's  on the first saturday in May

From: Oldbettowin


You guys are going to have to help me out here.  The horse that finished 8 1/2 lengths behind EQ last out (not the BG) beats the one that finished 2 lengths closer to RYW in the Santa Anita derby but that reflects well on the SA?  And Sitten on Go, beaten 18 lengths in the BG, finished only a head behind Defunded, who was 7 lengths closer in the SA.  

The speed held up for six furlongs but they ran the last quarter in 26 and two so it’s not like speed was carrying.

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From: smartyslew



This scoring is the Pedigree  and the performance  added together for all of the derby Entrants

My computer ate some of my data and I don't have the time to redo some of Brooklyn Strong and Keepmeinmind

data .there data is incomplete.

I did the pros minus the cons this year, match this up with my1/8 pole chart.
1 Essential Quality     36
2 Rock Your World    27  love a front runner with the most stamina chefs in 5 generations
3 Known Agenda      25
4 Hidden Stash        14
5 Medina Spirit         13
6 Midnight Bourbon  12
6 Helium                  12
6 Mandaloun            12
9 Like The King        11
9 Highly Motivated   11
9 Hot Rod Charlie     11
12 Soup And Sand.  10
12 Dynamic One       9
12 Sainthood           9
15 Obesos               8      out running his pedigree
15 Bourbonic           8
15 Super Stock        8
18 Brooklyn Strong  6
18 Keepmeinmid      6

From: smartyslew


Looks like Beyer speed numbers did pretty good

8. Medina Spirit, 15-1        99

7. Mandaloun, 15-1           98-- 2 back

9. Hot Rod Charlie, 8-1      99

14. Essential Quality, 2-1         97

6. O Besos, 20-1               96

10. Midnight Bourbon, 20-1  96