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Medina Spirit - Positive - Betamethasone   Triple Crown

Started 5/9/21 by SameSteve G; 22474 views.

From: TexSquared


Possible... the ointment being used as an excuse to hide the injected drugs?   And if the WP article is any indication, Kentucky will find a way to let him get away with it.

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From: Wintertrian


The only people sticking up for Baffert are 1) his lawyers; 2) his apologists; 3) people who sat on Boards together with Baffert and for whom he made gobs of money.     

The intermingling and conflicts of interest would make the most crooked parish in Lousiana look clean.  :)  

Few others are fooled.  Of course Baffert wants fines, not suspensions.  $20K in fines against a $361 million dollar in earnings is like less than half a penny in punishment out of his pocket. 

Read what Monty Roberts ("he pushes the envelope to the extent that they (horses) give their lives for his bank account.”), Barry Irwin, Jockey Club Pres James Gagliano, Arthur B. Hancock III, and other respectable persons have to say. 

Also read about our pathetic lack of regulatory oversight, as well as how we treat racehorses in the U.S. as disposable widgets because nobody is even keeping track of the deaths by trainer and/or deaths and injuries are barred from data sharing because of contracts with tracks, and how underhanded any and every effort to look further into Baffert has been politically stymied or met with a battalion of attorneys.

Medina Spirit has such a "kind eye".   (ever notice some of the sweetest nicest horses get stuck with the worst owners and trainers (Big Brown).  I wish Medina Spirit the very best.  I really only care about the horses.  

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


If one goes back to 2011/12 during a 16 month period Baffert had 7 horses drop dead suddenly & it was these events & how he responded that cemented my opinion of him as a horse killer.

Imagine the lack of attention or sheer callousness it would take to continue to employ the same pharmaceutical methods as not one, not 2, not 3 or 4 or even 5 horses dropped dead on your watch.  To only stop at 7 when the racing media got hold of the story.

That's Beta Bob.  Always extracting more from the sport & from the horses than what he gives.

There isn't an international jurisdiction on the planet that would allow him to keep his trainer's license with the kind of record Baffert sports.  

However, I will not be surprised if he weasels his way back to full standing here in the US.


From: princeofdoc


Looks like a great article.....but you have to subscribe to read?


From: TexSquared


I'm not subscribed to the Post (or any other news source).  Click it, it should show.


From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

There isn't an international jurisdiction on the planet that would allow him to keep his trainer's license with the kind of record Baffert sports. 

That's the FACE OF U.S. RACING. 

Let that sink in.......


(I can't even tell you how many times I've been told off by fellow racing fans whenever I said anything negative about him starting back in 2011.)   

So, give the people what they want already.  This is what they want. 

Saying otherwise got me branded as a PETA sypathizer.  hahahahahaha.   

As a matter of fact, to this day, I am still being told "this is how it is done, everywhere".  hahahhahaahaha



SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


The same people who say, "these horses are treated & cared for better than you're treated."

Sure.  That statement only flies as a trite bromide to paper over the far too frequent instances when that is decidedly not the case.

Without getting too far out in leftfield, my position is that there is an imperative to consider the immaterial (and far more potent) consequences of one's actions.  




2012 is the year I point to for when BB started getting superhorse that look to do more than their ped appears.  Look at all the super horse he had since then.  Look pre 2012 and I don't think he had the list of killers in his barn prior to that, going back to maybe War Emblem for his last KD winner? (just off the top of my head).  

I haven't been paying much attention since Belmont, stopped by here as I started looking at Foster day which seems ho hum with Maxfield there.  So I have been out of touch with all the med talk.

I've seen a lot about the measurements of the drug and comments about the amount.  But I have not seen much about how much to be effective which seems like it should be the real issue.  Perhaps that amount is all it would take, don't know what that amount would be, but to me that is what should be relevant.   Some I am sure would not take much to be effective or even harmful.  Lots of stuff in blood, so amounts not an issue as I see it, needs to be related to effectiveness.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Hey, Pistol.  Would be a lot more fun for bettors if the game was on the square without entertaining a suspicion you may be betting into a rigged race.  I await the entry of the USA Anti-Doping Agency as the administrator of the meds/drugs/dope and uniform rules for all jurisdictions.  July 2022.  Perhaps my interest in placing wagers will be reignited by that.  I know for a fact that both Out Of Competition Testing will be greatly increased & USADA investigators will be on the ground at the tracks.

As far as Beta Bob goes, he sued NYRA to reverse his suspension which was expected.  What was unexpected was The Jockey Club going to the judge to file an Amicus Brief (as a friend of NYRA) because the JC claims they have information that would bear on the outcome that no one else can provide.  This means to me that the JC has information from the investigation into Servis & Navarro that implicates Baffert.  Just my opinion after reviewing the facts.

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