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Malibu Moon and Pure Prize RIP   Pedigree/Breeding

Started May-18 by RAESFAN; 321 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


I read Rettadore passed as well. Not familiar with that one. Saddened about hearing of Malibu Moon and Pure Prize leaving us.


From: Gerh


Both gone way too soon


From: Wintertrian


ChiefsCrown said...

I read Rettadore passed as well. Not familiar with that one

Mandella must be beside himself over Redattore.  

If you spell his name right*  you might be interested in his rather prolific racing career  (not meant to be snarky just pointing out you can't look up the horse by that spelling.  ) 

32-15-2-6  .....that's 72% in the money for his entire career and he raced for 6 years!

He was a mulitple G1/G2 winner in Brazil then Mandella got him and he went on to win about 13 more big graded races and countless other stakes races here.   $2 million dollars in earnings or thereabout.

Yeah, I'm a Mandella fan so I know most of his great horses.  He manages to keep them running 5-10 years.  He explains many times how he manages to do this.    

Malibu Moon ran 2 races in his entire life, but I like him as a BMS. 
Pure Prize to me was always more of an allowance horse and never even won a G1. 
I do recoginize their value as studs. 

I'm just posting the info on the Mandella horse because it always interests me that some horses have names people recognize but not others an I like to try to figure out why.   His name wasn't even in the topic title, so that made me even more curious.....But admitedly his stud career has been entirely in Brazil, not the U.S. so I guess that explains it. 

I find it interesting (and sometimes sad given how some of their schedules are merciless at stud)  how many horse's jobs at stud seem more intense than their careers on the track.  Red was pensioned in 2020 and died a year later, after studding for 15 years.   Maybe he missed that job  LOL 


From: ChiefsCrown


Thanks for the correction on his name. That one i didn't know about. More familiar names of Mandella, three of my all-time faves Beholder, Omaha Beach and The Tin Man.

These horses are like pets to trainers, i can see where he's be besides himself when losing one.

Rest In Peace Redattore.