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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 346244 views.

From: smartyslew


Don't you think Tapit gets a little glory  for Arcangelo and most of all more impottant imo

is his Tail Female Family  8f 3rd Dam Better Than Honour  Dam Of Rag To Riches and Jazil in the 3rd

generation up close for 3 Belmont winners including Arcangelo and The TFF is one of the top 5 Stamina families IMO.

Here is his top influence up close. Unbridled Has the Grand Sire Unbridleds Song and Tapits DAM Tap your Heels  18.75 
per cent blood 3Sx4d  generation influence, Deputy Minister is next with 12.50 per cent  Grechelle Arrogate's 2nd Dam
on the Sire side and The 3rd Dam Better Than Honour a REines on Arcangelos Dam Side 4s x 4d, Its positive for
Both Sires to be up close on both sides for the Fappiano / Bms AP Indy nick thats killing it this year,
Nor dancer has 6 crosses. this isn't Chance its the Number one nick in North America, its the breeders doing it.

ARCANGELO C, 2020 DP = 3-16-5-0-0 (24) DI = 8.60   CD = 0.92

Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood% Influence AGR
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  • Edited September 29, 2023 10:52 pm  by  smartyslew

From: Wintertrian


bisket513 said...

I’m glad Arcangelo is achieving what he is on the track

Me, too.  I was just pointing out that Arrogate wasn't the reason Arcangelo turned out the way he did IMHO.  Arrogate's crops in general were not stellar.   IMHO, his claim to fame was....beating Gun Runner in the Travers......before Gun Runner developed into the Gun Runner we all know and love.   

In his first BC Classic, Arrogate was carrying only 122 pounds...Calif Chrome and Keen Ice were carrying 126, and he barely got by Chrome.  Barely.  His Pegasus was utterly unimpressive ..... Calif Chrome was considered 'fried" by that time and there was little else in that race of note.  By the time the next BC Classic came around, Gun Runner showed what was what, and what was going to be.....but I remember, the word even before that race was the Arrogate was maybe going to be retired.  (and probalby should have been, maybe something really was wrong with his legs).   

The only race I like Arrogate in was the one in Dubai. After which, he was never the same.  Despite Baffy saying he won that  "like it was nothing" .  And of course, baffert blamed the horse, said "he just didn't want to run anymore", Baffy needs to learn what the phrase "cooked" means.  

You cooked him, Bob.  And then said he was the best horse you ever trained  (despite we all noticed his many inconsistencies) ....he said the same about Point Given, then the same about American Pharoah, blah blah blah.)  Sort of like his crocodile tears, things start to look insincere when you keep saying the same things about all of your horses. 

But you are correct about finding the right matings.   I think Arrogates size negatively impacted him when it came to shed.  He will be remembered as north america's richest racehorse, because that's how he was campaigned.  IMHO I speak of him not with disrespect, but with actual sadness. Any horse put thru the rigors of the baffert program has gotta have some conformational problems by the time they leave the track.  Arrogate never got a relaxing retirement and I do think there was something wrong with his front legs at that point.  


From: smartyslew


Steve Roman on facebook

As the sire of Raise a Native and the broodmare sire of Northern Dancer, has there been a more influential Thoroughbred stallion than Native Dancer? He appears in the pedigree of every one of the current 25 leading sires on the international sire list covering North America, England, Japan and Australia. He may appear in the pedigree of every sire on the list. Just wondering.


From: bisket513


My answer is yes Native Dancer is the most influential sire in modern day racing. The derby had to be his only loss….


From: smartyslew


I'm not saying any thing against Nat Dan you might like to know that AP Indy doesn't

have Native Dancer in his pedigree, has N.D, Sire Polynesian in his sire and Bmsline.

that turned out to be a good outlier and he was mated to many Dams that have Native Dancer in their

pedigree. Some can make a case that Polynesian is the s ource, I'm not saying that, Its a possibility

and only for information. Using him today Polynesian or not API fits with  horses that have Something Royal

Dam of Secretariat and Sir Gaylord and API has Two lines of that Mare to pass on a passing position of Her Sire

Princequillo X factor Large Heart, API bred to Pedigrees with Princequillo daughters in a Passing Position or

Storm Cat or Gone West, API, Dehere, Summer Squall all daughters of Secretariat are key  of grade one winners in 2023.

this is the key to Marraige Nicks that are gr one winners in 2023 imo....


From: smartyslew


win and your in Bc Races start this weekend,  Here is the schedule if interested.


From: smartyslew


- Race 8 Keeneland - Friday, October 6th, 2023 Results. love the winners pedigree Last1/16 5.99

Conditions: 1 1/16 MILES (Turf) STAKES. Jessamine S. presented by Keeneland November (Grade II). FOR FILLIES, TWO YEARS OLD.
Purse: $350,000 Value of Race: $350,000 1st $200,725 2nd $64,750 3rd $32,375 4th $16,188 5th $9,712 6th $4,375 7th $4,375 8th $4,375 9th $4,375 10th $4,375 11th $4,375    Mutuel Pool: $676,302 Pick 3 Pool: $85,537 Daily Double Pool: $66,610 Exacta Pool: $393,429 Superfecta Pool: $125,680 Trifecta Pool: $220,240

# Horse A/S M/E Wgt PP St 1/4 1/2 3/4 Str Fin Jockey Odds
10 Buchu 2 F 118 10 11 9hd 9hd 11  21 1/2 13 3/4 Garcia Martin 5.65
8 Pharoah's Wine 2 F 118 8 4 51/2 61 61/2 5hd 2no Chuan Martin 13.87
4 Crown Imperial 2 F b 118 4 8 71/2 81 1/2 71/2 4hd 3nk Santana, Jr. Ricardo 8.92
7 Bella Haze 2 F 118 7 2 11 11/2 11/2 11/2 4nk Rosario Joel 12.57
3 Moonlight Gambler 2 F 118 3 3 11  11  81 71 1/2
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From: smartyslew


Race 5 Belmont At The Big A - Saturday, October 7th, 2023 Results
win and your in BC

# Horse A/S M/E Wgt PP St 1/4 1/2 3/4 Str Fin Jockey Odds
5 Just F Y I 2 F 120 5 3 31 31/2 1hd 12 13 3/4 Alvarado Junior 4.80
4 Central Avenue 2 F 120 4 6 6  6  510 42 1/2 21/2 Castellano Javier 18.60
2 Life Talk 2 F 120 2 5 4hd 41/2 31/2 22 1/2 31 Ortiz, Jr. Irad 1.90
6 Emery 2 F 120 6 1 21 21 1/2 43 1/2 31/2 410 Franco Manuel *1.05
1 Irish Maxima 2 F f 120 1 2 11 11 21 510 58 1/2 Rendon Jairo 7.80
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From: smartyslew


this is for 3 yr olds and not a win and your in race

Race 9: Belmont At The Big A - Saturday, October 7th, 2023

STAKES. 1 3/8 Mile Turf. Purse $500,000. Jockey Club Derby Invitational S. (Grade 3). AN INVITATIONAL FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS. (04:22 PM) (9)
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey Trainer
1 Measured Time (GB) 3 C 122 Buick William Appleby Charles
2 Faraday 3 G 122 Franco Manuel Brown Chad C.
3 Webslinger 3 G 122 Castellano Javier Casse Mark E.
4 Fearless Soldier 3 C 122 Ortiz, Jr. Irad Pletcher Todd A.
5 Dataman 3 G 122 McCarthy Trevor Motion H. Graham
6 Classic Catch 3 C 122 Geroux Florent Pletcher Todd A.
7 Anglophile 3 C 122 Cannon Declan Lynch Brian A.
8 Lost Ark 3 C b 122 Carmouche Kendrick Pletcher Todd A.
9 Mondego (GB) 3 C 122 Davis Dylan Clement Christophe

 race 9 Results Belmont At The Big A - Saturday, October 7th, 2023 Results, 4 entrants scratch

Conditions: 1 1/4 MILES (Off The Turf) STAKES. Jockey Club Derby Invitational S.. AN INVITATIONAL FOR THREE-YEAR-OLDS.
Purse: $500,000 Value of Race: $485,000 ($15,000 reverts) 1st $275,000 2nd $100,000 3rd $60,000 4th $30,000 5th $20,000    Mutuel Pool: $225,348 Pick 3 Pool: $46,409 Daily Double Pool: $48,066 Exacta Pool: $151,899 Superfecta Pool: $30,643 Trif
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From: smartyslew


Race 9 Keeneland - Saturday, October 7th, 2023, Win and your in. Results

STAKES. 1 1/16 Mile Dirt. Purse $600,000. Claiborne Breeders' Futurity (Grade 1). FOR TWO YEAR OLDS. (05:14 PM) (9)
# Horse A/S M/E Wgt PP St 1/4 1/2 3/4 Str Fin Jockey Odds
9 Locked 2 C 122 8 7 71 1/2 6hd 61 1hd 11/2 Ortiz Jose L. *0.76
1 The Wine Steward 2 C b 122 1 1 51 1/2 41/2 2hd 22 23 3/4 Saez Luis 3.96
6 Generous Tipper 2 C 122 5 5 8  8  71 1/2 42 1/2 3nk Hernandez, Jr. Brian Joseph 17.35
8 Northern Flame 2 C 122 7 6 4hd 51 1/2 41/2 3hd 46 1/2 Leparoux Julien R. 49.27
5 West Saratoga 2 C b 122 4 4 31 31/2 31/2 52 1/2 55 Corrales Gerardo 17.51
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