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2021 2 year olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 113068 views.

From: smartyslew


Sweet Raes , speed rationed out ,plus for a firster front runner.

I couldn't believe it, They are loading the gate, door Bell rings

answer the door and took awhile ,had it paused forever and I was Jacked to 

watch the race for one of your firsters. Thanks for the rush.




I have been watching him work for a while, including a couple in company where he put away his workmates. I was excited to see him run, but was cautiously optimistic. He did not disappoint! Showed some serious speed in his second quarter, which made me a bit concerned, but not to worry.

He is a well built colt, reminding me a bit of Verrazano. Glad to see them start him on the dirt, which shows that Pletcher has plans for the Derby trail. Most trainers just go straight to the turf with the MTRs.

There are a few nice looking MTRs working towards their late season debuts. Bourbon Ready should be hitting the track soon. He is a 300K 2 year old sale, who's starting to get serious with some gate works. He is out of a Kantharos mare. {9-b} DP = 4-0-6-0-0 (10) DI = 2.33   CD = 0.80 

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From: DogsUp


Great heads up. FIRSTER no less.

It would be wonderful to have your mom's namesake charging down the stretch; plus throughout in the Kentucky Derby.

Come on Mom! 


From: smartyslew


12/12/21  top 2022 Kentucky Derby wannabe's listed A thru Z
I have none of the 2 yr old turfers on this list at this time.
That can change if they try the dirt and show promise to be competitive
tail female families are listed first.
9f Classic Causeway 2nd ken jockey club
3m Commandperformance
16g Double Thunder rf 1x
 21a  Epicenter
19c Giant Game  rf 2d
4r Gilded Age  rf 2 s
1l Home Brew
1e Jack Christopher
8h Key Point
4c Major General rf 3L
2f Mannix rf 2d
12b Messier
3g Mo Donegal
4m Octane  rf  1x
13 Overstep 
1x- Oviatt Class
2h Pappacap
16g Pinehurst
17b Rattle N Roll
10a Rockefeller rf  2s
4m Slow Down Andy
6d Smile Happy 1st Ken. Jock. Club
42  Strava
1n Zatip 
Waiting in the Wings
12b Affable Monarch
4r A P's Secrets
6a All In Sync
3i  Bourbon Heist
22c Cajuns Magic
21a Deans List
12b Doppelganger
4m Emmanuel rf
1L  Figlio Del Re
6e Franklin One Star
21a Freelancer rf 2s
 7f God Of Love (AW)
Golden Glider (AW)
14c Higher Standard
3j  Howling Time  otm
9f  HP Moon     8/21/21 ?                                    
4r Kamui 
11f Kitten Mischief (T) off turf
8c Life Is Great
19c O Captain
1p Osbourne
3d Naval Aviator
4m Red Knobs
26 Rocket Dawg
21a Senbei  needs to stretch out
4r  Shipsational
12c Simplification rf 12c
16h Sir London
5j Smarten Up
1e  Spartan Army
4k Spin Wheel (T)  1st dirt 9f msw 11/27
1o Stellar Tap
9g Straight Up G
7e Strike Hard
23b Tough To Tame
2o Trafalgar
9b Vance Scholars
1x Varatti
9f Walhalla
9e White Abarrio  3rd  Ken. Jockey Club
8c Win For The Money AW
3i Winterwood 
2b Witty rf 1x
4d Zandon 
James Aloysius injured
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From: princeofdoc


An easy 1:36 and 2, good pick, Raes.....hopefully a two turn at GP next!


From: DogsUp


Good holidays + New Year to all 

As you know, Rae turned us on to sire years ago and MTR became a significant factor.

Connections are Derby certified.

The colt was galloped out after the mile and at ease.

This one garners much attention.


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From: smartyslew


Elite Projected 3 Year olds for 2022
name, distance, stam. Chefs,Prince.,LaTroienne, L. Heart, (top Families)  Trainer, Tff, Reines Mares

Corniche yes,2 stam,,P,L, 0 LH,(10 1x, 12-13c,6 16c,4 9c,)         Bob Baffert 1x, 12r
Jack Christopher yes 0 stam,P,L,1 LH,(6 1x,5 1e,4 9b,4 16a,9b,) Chad Brown 1e,8r
Smile Happy yes 5 stam,L,3 LH, ( 10 1x,6 6d,5 4k,4 3o, rf)    Ken McPeek 6d,11r

Emmanuel yes,1 stam,P,L,1 LH, (10 1x,6 4m,5 2d,4 16h,4 16g,)       Pletcher 4m,16r 

Giant Game yes 1 stam L,1 Lh,(11 1x,7 12c,6 19c,5 8c,4 2d,) rf Dale Romans19c,11r
Octane yes,1 stam, P,L,4 LH,(6 1x,6 4m, 6 8f,5 13c,4 9f,) rf        Carlos David 4m,18r
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From: princeofdoc


What do you think of the chances Echo Zulu will try the boys?


From: smartyslew


Her Numbers are Competitive with the Boys and if She Qualifies for the Oaks early

She could Take a shot in a 100 pt Derby Race imo.


From: Wintertrian


Nice Gun Runner (BMS Pulpit) 2 year old filly won the Trapeze Stakes (1 mile) at Remington tonight.......looks to be strong in body.   Beat everyone by a lot. I liked her.  
Homebred Winchell Thoroughbreds

2019 {1-l} DP = 2-6-12-0-0 (20) DI = 2.33   CD = 0.50 - 5 Starts, 3 Wins, 1 Places, 2 Shows