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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 351679 views.
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From: smartyslew


2 yo's that raced to 7/26/21 of interest (update from 7/19 )
to see who progress  to make the Derby field. This early its
Hard to identify the Cheap Speed(precarious) in 5f and 5.5f MSW and separate
them until they stretch out to be 2 turn candidates, its no biggy not to 
have one thats raced once or twice on the list this early imo. theres always next time.
May is a long way off.
Big City Lights  E 102
Bourbon Heist
C My Meister (T )
Coinage (NY) RF
Costa Terra
Dance Code >
Grafton Street RF (T)
Gunite (speed)   E 89
Docter Jeff RF-Natalma, 12f type   E 91
Heat Merchant (aw)
Headline Report >   E90
High Oak
Hope In Him
In Due Time
James ALoysius
Lenny K (aw)sprinter- 3 yo
Midnight Worker
Nakatomi   E 103
One Timer   E 100
Ottoman Empire RF>
Portfolio Company (T)
Stolen base (sprinter)
Ten Gauge
Thirsty Always (Cal)  E 90
Winging It
Wit   E 100




“Cheap speed” indeed! It’s bad enough if they are only able to win 5.5f sprints. What’s worse is when they are only able to lead early in this fields, then fold like a cheap tent! MTR sent out two such horses at short prices in Labarde and Drink the Wind. Pretty embarrassing to get all that pre-race hype, then finish so poorly. Looked like quarter horses out there!

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From: smartyslew


Historical Beyer numbers for Derby winners is 92 beyer  or higher for 2 yr olds.
saying that it's not at 5.5 f  or less and normally this early in the year.
Here is the Beyer Leader Board for 2 yr olds thru 7/27/21
no body has qualified yet for that angle Wit was close at 90.
Murray @ 5.5f has a 78 for those excited for his race, but firsters can improve
leaps and bounds next race like any 2 yr old.

Big City Lights SA 02 May 4 1/2F 93
Echo Zulu SAR 15 Jul 5 1/2F 92
Wit SAR 17 Jul 6F 90
Little Drama BEL 16 May 5F 86
Big City Lights SA 20 Jun 5F 85
Behave Virginia CD 26 Jun 6F 83
Control ELP 25 Jul 5 1/2F 83
Happy Soul BEL 13 May 5F 81
Happy Soul BEL 03 Jun 5 1/2F
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From: DogsUp


Control, a Philly no less,  has great stats for 1st time starter winnerS' on the mare side. Unlike scoping the stallion numbers for firsters.

She hit the gate in maiden win, ran on every path possible against substantial early fractions and was taken in hand to the wire. 

To me she has 8.5 - 9 fl potential and we might just see her come Breeders Cup day.

Great list!

RACE #4 ..  #1 Saddle cloth

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From: smartyslew


Interesting, Very Interesting pedigree. She can be almost anything.

Di 1.55, cd .43 Stamina Sires , with high speed cmp gives her balance

of speed and stamina, Good tf families in 5 generations, the foundation Mares

Threw 2 high stamina Sires Tom Rolfe,  Chieftain, another one

Bold Ruler and mare Foolish one, 5 lines

With Almahmoud 2d,  Baby League 1x, Myrtlewood 13c, all 3 2 lines. 


From: DogsUp


What got me is the mare has thrown prior 4 foals and they all have won. This race makes 5/5.

Announcer did not say how many 1sters. Still in all no progeny failure with first 5.

  • Edited July 29, 2021 12:11 am  by  DogsUp

From: DogsUp


2:06 on the video has the paddock color/stat announcer saying the 4 for 4 stat. As having won a race.

Yes this is her raced + unraced record and shows unraced offspring at reporting. Zero offspring ran.

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MTR has a big weekend ahead with the two year olds. Tomorrow Clemente sends out Slipstream at the Spa. Cox sends out a filly named Already Charming at Ellis.

Then on Sunday, Ward has a filly in race 2 named Pammy’s Ready. Just a few minutes later, Casse has a colt, On Thin Ice, making his debut at Gulfstream. Later at Del Mar, Peter Miller sends out Roy C(successor to Roy H maybe). And finally at Arlington two fillies, including one, Plus Chic, that has been working very well, will also debut. The other is named Dressed.

More Than Ready has had a few well regarded juvies disappoint this year. Hopefully, he’ll do better this weekend.


From: smartyslew


Is Wards Filly entered against the boys. He does that a lot ,he understands the game.

He goes to Royal Ascot every year and is competitive. As you know he's a 2 yr old specialist.