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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 253883 views.

From: smartyslew


Lecomte: beyer

Call Me Midnight  88
Epicenter  88
Pappacap  87

Beyer 3 yr old 8f and longer 2022 Leaders thru 1/22/22

Adare Manor(f)  8f  92
Simplification 8f  90
Call Me Midnight 8.5 F  88

Epicenter  8.5 f   88
Newgrange  8f    88
Pappacap  8.5 f    87

Constitutionlawyer  9f  85
Armagnac  8.5 f       83

Oviatt Class  8f     83
Charge It  8f  83
Rockefeller  8f    83

Strike Hard  8f   83
Volcanic  8f  83

This will change when the Heavyweights start Running !

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From: smartyslew


Pool 2 Entry's  with a derby nick or long nick of a derby winner (A Sire line and Bms Sire line marraige)

1 Chasing Time  2018 winner

5 Dash Attack  2015, 2000 winner

8 Giant Game 2021, 1999 winner

9 High Oak  2014, 2013 winners

10 Jack Christopher 2009 winner

15  Rattle N Roll    1995 winner

16 Simplification   2015 winner

18 Smile Happy P/N  1997, 2004 

21 Varatti   2020    winner

A strategy might be boxing from this list with # 24 all other 3 yr olds

in a Exacta box.

I put a Quarter win bet on #16 Simplification for giggles last look 55-1

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From: smartyslew


updated 1/24/22

10/1/21 starter list  updated 
2 turn 2 yr old prospects for the fall and BC Juvenile races including turf prospects
Separate  from the other 2 yr old lists . 8 f and longer 2 turn prospects
Male list. I've  added the female list and not finished with it yet. when finished  Turf and dirt Prospects
are about equal this year in numbers. More turf races in California, . Also more Euros shipping to race here.
Achilles Heel (T)
Albahr (GB)(T) g1 last Q 23.29
Annapolis (T) 1st g2 8.5f 1.41.04
Armor (T) sprinter
Bayside Boy (T) 1st g2 doncaster
Be Like Clint (AW) off the turf
Ben Diesel
Big Country  front runner dirt
Biz Biz Buzz (T) sprinter
Brit's  Wit  (T)
Bourbon Heist 4th g3
Call Me Midnight
Chancellor Bay RF 4th STK-checked bad
Chaotic Tempo (T) 1st MSW
Chasing Time
Castle Star (IRE) 2nd g1
Classic Causeway-speed sprinter
Commandperformance  2nd g1
Corniche  1st g1
Curbstone (T) 2nd Msw
Dakota Gold (T) 1st stk
Daunt (T) 1st Msw
Degree Of Risk (T)3-g1
Derecho Dandy(T)
Don't Swear Dave (T) sprinter
Dowaiac Chief (T)
Dr Perry
Dream of A Day (T) 1/16 5.73 MSW
Early Voting
Electrostatic (T) 1st MSW    last Q 24.98
Eldons Prince (T)
Epic Luck (T)
Fast Draw Munnings
First Empire g1  4th
Flip The Script (T)
Fort Washington (T)
G Munning elite sprinter
General Ken (T)
Get Back Goldie (T)
Giant Game
Grafton Street (T) 2nd g1
Grael  (T)
Great Britain (T)
Gingrich (T)
Hall Of Dreams (T)  rf 5h
Happy Jack
Heaven Street (T)
He's A Angel (T)rf 5h
Howling Time
Ignitus  sprinter
In Dreams    elite sprinter/miler
Jack Christopher
James Aloysius (T)
Judge Davis
King Of Hollywood (T)
Kiss The Sky (T)
Kiddie Holiday Aw
Law Abiding (T)
Lemieux  (AW)
Limited Liability 1.42.06-3rd g2
Mackinnon (T) 1st stk
Major General  rf  3L
Make It Big
Martini'nmoonshine (T)
Maseta  (T)
Midnight Worker 3rd s
Mo Donegal
Modern Games (IRE) (T) 1str 3
Mr Creed
My Mane Champ (T)
Octane  rf   1x
Ohtwoohthirtyfive (T) Q 22.31, 11/27, 2nd central prk.
Oviatt Class 3rd g1
Pappacap 2nd g1
Paratus (T)
Parquetry (T)
Pharaoh's Prophecy (T)
Picota (T) 3rd stk
Play Action Pass (T)
Rattle And Roll
Ready To Purrform (T) 1st STk
Red Run
Resilient Courage (T)
Rich Strike + claimed, won by 17 lengths $30,000
Rockefeller rf 2s
Rocket One (T)
Royal Spirit (T) 2nd stk
Russian Tank (T) 5h
Set The Tone (T)
Shut Up Michael (T)  sprinter
Silver Surfer (T) 2nd stk
Simplification  rf
Sister Lou Ann (T)
SlipStream (T) sprinter g3 1st
Speaking Scout (T)
Spin Wheel (T)  1st dirt 9f msw 11/27
Standup Comedienne
Stolen Base (T)
Street Vendor (T)
Stride (T) 2nd Stk
Sweeping Giant (T) bad trip
Sy Dog (T) 1st central park last 3/8 in 29.14
Tejano Twist Sprinter
The Minkster AW
Tiger To Remember Msw
Timbuktu (T)
Tiz The Bomb  (t) 1st g2
Tommie Bee (T) 8.5 5.42 1/16 MSW
Travel Smart (T)
Trobairitz (T)
Unanimous Consent (T)
Verbal (T) last Q 24.50 XX 2 RF
Vivar (T)
Western River
Wicket Fast (T) 5.85 1/16  MSW
Xy Time (T)

From: smartyslew


fillies  thru 1/24/22
Adare Manor
Aint Easy 1st g2
Already Charming (T)
Always Connected (T) sprinter
All Luck
Averly Jane (T) sprinter
\Awake At Midnyte (T)
Beachfront Bid (T)& dirt
Bird Empress
Blissful (T)
Bubble Rock (T) sprinter
Buff My Boots 
Cachet (T)
Cairo Memories (T)
California Angel (T)1st G2
Cecilita (T)
Classic Lynne (T)
Classy Edition
Cocktail Moments
Come On Sweet Luv  sprinter
Consumer Spending (T)
Curbs And Cones  Sprinter
Daisy Bee (T)
Desert Dawn
Determined Star (T)
Diamond Wow (T) Miler 2nd G2
Distinctlypossible  2nd g1
Dream Lith 
Dressed (T) G2
Echo Zulu  24.2 last Q
Electric Ride 2nd g2
Eminent Victor (T) 3rd g1
Empire Gal 
Famed  4th golden Rod
Fortunata Tensio (T)
Full Focus
Gal In A Rush (T) sprinter
Gimme Mo Baby(T)
Go Bears Go  (T) sprinter
Golden Sights sprinter
Grace Adler bad trip
Hals Dream (T) turn of feet
Haughty (T)
Helens Well (IRE) (T)
Hello You (IRE) (T)1st g2
Hemmerle  (T)
Hidden Connection
Jaccaci (T)
Juju's Map  1st g1
Koala Princess (T)
Kinchen (IRE) (T)
Kneesnhips (T)
La Crete
Lady Milagrow  (T)
Lia Marina (T) sprinter
Liams Dove (T) Miler
Macadamia (FR) (T)
Mariah's Fortune
Marissas Lady  sprinter
McKulick (GB) (T)
Mi Negrita
Mise En Scene
Miss Mattie B. (T)
Misthaven (IRE)(T)
My Zip Zip Miler
Novel Idea
Opalina (T)
Openthegate (T) 
Paris Paramour (T)
Park On The Nile
Peace Peddler  rf
Penny Saver
Pizza Bianca (T) 2nd g1
Precious Insight (T)
Queen Macha
Radio Days  sprinter
Ready To Purrform (T)
Roughly A Diamond (T)
Sail By (T) 1.43.21  lastQ 22.95
Sandstone MSW 8f Last Q 25.09(Slop) 3rd golden rod
Saratoga Chrome (T)
Scenic View  rf
Sequist  3rd g1
Silvery Rill (T)
Skims (T) Frankel
Solib (T)
Spread Joy
Sterling Crest (T)
Sterling Silver
Stride (T)
Sweet As Pie  CL  
Sweet Duchess
Tarabi 2nd g1
Tezzaray (T)
Tonitos (T)
Turnerloose (T) 3rd G2
Twilight Gleaming (T)sprinter 
Under The Stars
Vergara (T)
Very Scary (T)
Vivacious Vanessa (T) Q 23.05
Waters Of Merom
Wild Beauty (GB) (T)1st g1



Ready A. P. is back training. She had an impressive debut, then went straight to a stakes race against the boys and ran second to graded stakes placed, Run Curtis Run). She just worked a slow 3f on the 23rd at Payson Park.

James Aloysius is also back in training. Both of these horses are exciting three year old prospects, that showed significant talent as juvies.

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From: smartyslew


Thanks, good to know

Like you I'm high on both, Ill Be looking for there 3 year old debut, the sooner the better !


From: smartyslew


Updated 1/24/22
12/25/21  top 2022 Kentucky Derby wannabe's listed A thru Z
I have none of the 2 yr old turfers on this list at this time.
That can change if they try the dirt and show promise to be competitive
tail female families are listed first.

4j Chasing Time
9f Classic Causeway 2nd ken jockey club
3m Commandperformance
6e Credit Event
16g Double Thunder rf 1x
 21a  Epicenter
19c Giant Game  rf 2d
4r Gilded Age  rf 2 s
1l Home Brew
1e Jack Christopher
8h Key Point
4c Major General rf 3L
2f Mannix rf 2d
12b Messier
3g Mo Donegal
4m Octane  rf  1x
13 Overstep 
1x- Oviatt Class
2h Pappacap
16g Pinehurst
17b Rattle N Roll
10a Rockefeller rf  2s
4m Slow Down Andy
6d Smile Happy 1st Ken. Jock. Club
42  Strava
1n Zatip 
Waiting in the Wings
12b Affable Monarch
16h American Icon
4r A P's Secrets
6a All In Sync
A4 Armagnac
15d Blackadder
3i  Bourbon Heist
22c Cajuns Magic
1x California Frolic
14f Call Me Midnight
22c Charge It
9c Constitutionlawyer
8h Cyber Knive
21a Deans List
12b Doppelganger
4m Emmanuel rf
 21a Epicenter
1L  Figlio Del Re
6e Franklin One Star
21a Freelancer rf 2s
 7f God Of Love (AW)
Golden Glider (AW)
14c Higher Standard
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From: smartyslew


1/29 /22 Oaklawn Park Race 9,Southway Stakes g3, 3 YO'S 8.5f Dirt, 10-4-2-1 pts
There are 3 entrants on our Elite Projected 3 Year olds for 2022.: #2 Dash Attack 7-2, #9 Classic Moment 12-1,# 10 Newgrange 2-1,... L in last #9 Classic Moment, #11 Call Me Jamal..
Derby Wannabe lists #6 Osbourne # 8-1, 8 Barber Road 5-1,add to list, omitted by mistake
last Race Smarty Jones 8f, STKS, $250,000  SLOP(7 from that race in here) 1-4,7,8,12,

* Highweight 122
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey                   Bris Trainer
1 Ben Diesel  10-1  3 C 117 Court Jon Kenton  84-sy Stewart Dallas
2 Dash Attack X   7-2 3 C 122* Cohen David         91 sy McPeek Kenneth G.
3 Don'tcrossthedevil  30-1 3 C 117 Vazquez Ramon A. 78 sy D'Amato Philip
4 Kavod  12-1  3 C 117 Arrieta Francisco   87 sy Hartman Chris A.
5 Costa Terra 12-1 3 C 117 Pereira Tiago Josue  84 g1 Asmussen Steven M.
6 Osbourne  8-1 3 G 117 Cabrera David          85 Moquett Ron
7 Ignitis  10-1 3 C 117 Contreras Luis       87 sy Lukas D. Wayne
8 Barber Road  5-1 3 C 117 Santana, Jr. Ricardo  88 sy Ortiz John Alexander
9 Classic Moment X  12-1 3 C b 117 Garcia Martin            75 Asmussen Steven M.
10 Newgrange X  2-1, E6, best late  100 3 C 122*
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From: smartyslew


Elite Projected 3 Year olds for 2022.> updated 1/24/22  page 1 from post 406
name, distance, stam. Chefs,Prince.,LaTroienne, L. Heart, (top Families)  Trainer, Tff, Reines Mares

Corniche yes,2 stam,,P,L, 0 LH,(10 1x, 12-13c,6 16c,4 9c,)   x      Bob Baffert 1x, 12r
Jack Christopher yes 0 stam,P,L,1 LH,(6 1x,5 1e,4 9b,4 16a,9b,) x Chad Brown 1e,8r
Smile Happy yes 5 stam,L,3 LH, ( 10 1x,6 6d,5 4k,4 3o, rf) x    Ken McPeek 6d,11r

Emmanuel yes,1 stam,P,L,1 LH, (10 1x,6 4m,5 2d,4 16h,4 16g,)      x Pletcher 4m,16r 

Giant Game yes 1 stam L,1 Lh,(11 1x,7 12c,6 19c,5 8c,4 2d,) rf x Dale Romans19c,11r
Octane yes,1 stam, P,L,4 LH,(6 1x,6 4m, 6 8f,5 13c,4 9f,) rf        Carlos David 4m,18r
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