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2022 2-year-olds/2023 3-year-olds   Handicapping

Started 7/2/21 by smartyslew; 190529 views.

From: smartyslew


From Message 458 Results for the 1/29/22 Southwest stakes

I think this Message was very Helpful for the Southwest Stakes g3 

I thought it was helpful Highlighting a E6 type Newgrange having the best bris Late pace

number 100, after winning wiring the field in last race putting the field to sleep

with slow fractions with final Q better than anybody in this field most racing in the slop.
Derby Wannabe lists #6 Osbourne # 8-1, 8 Barber Road 5-1,add to list, omitted by mistake
Newgrange 1 of 3 on our elite list.

1/29 /22 Oaklawn Park Race 9,Southway Stakes g3, 3 YO'S 8.5f Dirt, 10-4-2-1 pts
There are 3 entrants on our Elite Projected 3 Year olds for 2022.: #2 Dash Attack 7-2, #9 Classic Moment 12-1,# 10 Newgrange 2-1,... L in last #9 Classic Moment, #11 Call Me Jamal..
Derby Wannabe lists #6 Osbourne # 8-1, 8 Barber Road 5-1,add to list, omitted by mistake
last Race Smarty Jones 8f, STKS, $250,000  SLOP(7 from that race in here) 1-4,7,8,12,

* Highweight 122
PP Horse A/S M/E Wgt Jockey                   Bris Trainer
1 Ben Diesel  10-1  3 C 117 Court Jon Kenton  84-sy Stewart Dallas
2 Dash Attack X   7-2 3 C 122* Cohen David         91 sy McPeek Kenneth G.
3 Don'tcrossthedevil  30-1 3 C 117 Vazquez Ramon A. 78 sy D'Amato Philip
4 Kavod  12-1  3 C 117 Arrieta Francisco   87 sy Hartman Chris A.
5 Costa Terra 12-1 3 C 117 Pereira Tiago Josue  84 g1 Asmussen Steven M.
6 Osbourne  8-1 3 G 117 Cabrera David          85 Moquett Ron
7 Ignitis  10-1 3 C 117 Contreras Luis       87 sy Lukas D. Wayne
8 Barber Road  5-1 3 C 117 Santana, Jr. Ricardo  88 sy Ortiz John Alexander
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From: DogsUpWired


The generation is hooked on video crack.

And an all or nothing mentality.

Dogs is a horse blogger. 

So that's about it. 


From: smartyslew


Raes said "Even when it comes to morality, I find too many of them satisfied with what is called "virtue signaling". They talk a good game, using sophisticated jargon, but are unwilling to put it in the human investment; the blood, sweat, and tears, required to effect action and change. Therefore, the difficulties they ultimately face, tend to be too much for them. "

I have discovered the same thing with a few 14 and 15 year old's that I'm around

and Like you I blame us and that paragraph too. including your recent experience and 

in my case I was late paying attention to the new jargon and the meaning !

and the big changes made in their trials and tribulations to the pandemic.

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From: Gerh


We are the ones who handed out the “participation trophies”.You reap what you sow,I guess.




I am done with all the woke language. They think they are the first generation to become aware of discrimination or bias. I have learned not to live in my feelings anymore. That’s all they seem to do!


From: smartyslew


I wasn't thinking about it that way, I understand now, you are educating us. 

Thanks for that !


From: smartyslew


3-year-olds: male or female Beyer leaderboard
through 01/31/2022 8f  plus distance

Sweet Dutchess TAM 22 Jan 1M 94
Adare Manor SA 07 Jan 1M 92
Simplification GP 01 Jan 1M 90
Emmanuel TAM 30 Jan 1M 40Y 89
Newgrange OP 29 Jan 1 1/16M 89
Standup Comedienne TAM 22 Jan 1M 89
Call Me Midnight FG 22 Jan 1 1/16M 88
Epicenter FG 22 Jan 1 1/16M
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I am surprised that Emmanuel got an 89 beyer. He hardly did any running except at the end when he put away Glider in a flash!


From: smartyslew


They gave Newgrange a 88,   ,he came from off the pace

Equibase gave both a 98. sounds pretty even.

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From: Wintertrian


Everything changes.   Human beings hate change.  That is one commonality in every generation. 

Back in the day, employers had loyalty to you, and you to them.   That is all gone now.   We live in an age of globalism and that was going to happen regardless of anything that any politician did.   The world has gotten smaller due to the internet.  The world is a very different place than it was for the Silent Generation, and even for Boomers and for Gen Xers.   This next generation does not wish to work for non-livable wage and I sure don't blame them for that.   They've also seen their parents getting laid off in their 50s from jobs, etc.    So, they will approach things differently than we did.   I grew up before computers;  they never existed in a world w/out them.   They will also have climate change to deal with and other challenges that we cannot foresee.  

I meet enough selfish, entitled, bigotted, stubborn, lazy, racist people in my own age group to know that no *generation* is monolithic.    It's way too general by which to judge a whole group of persons. 

I trust they will find their own way, just like we did!   And, they will!     Every generation is defined by different events (no order) whether that be McCarthy hearings, Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus, Vietnam, Cuban Missle Crisis, the polio pandemic, an assinated President and assassinated MLK, The Moon Landing, Womens Rights, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, OK city bombing, Rodney King, the OJ verdict, Columbine shootings, Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, Gulf War, Fall of the Berlin Wall, gay marriage, first nuclear power plants, election of our first black president, Bin Laden, Sandy Hook, the Great Recession, Boston Marathon Bombing, the Challenger Disaster, the energy crisis and gasoline shortages, cell smartphones..... and now Covid and political divides via Trump.....and the list goes on. 

People are shaped by events. And every generation is defined by its history which they are moving around in. Life is hard, survival is hard, we overcome.   Just like during the industrial revolution if you got your hands cut off in a machine you just went home w/out hands, and then you and your family starved to death.  (before worker's comp).  

I do understand what it's like to have a few bad experiences with younger people and in a snit (totally forgivable, we all have our bad days of feeling disappointed in the human race, been there done that RAES) and I get judgemental but they really are not all the same.  Just like we are not. 

I don't even know what "woke" means.  Being woke to me means extending kindness and compassion as much as we can muster, to other humans, to racehorses, and all who have physical life on this planet.   It ain't easy.