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NYRA and CDI vs. Beta Bob   HRN Horse-Races.Net General Discussions

Started 9/10/21 by SameSteve G; 23894 views.
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Well, no filly or BB horse needed to be added from this weeks races.  I guess I can see why they delayed, those two probably would have been on, and then backed out after results of those who actually bet before the race.  Good to see another BB not there, just have to see what happens next week.  Small fields in CA may help him to make it with a place.

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From: Gerh


Of course Beta Bob gets a free ride here.If the horse wins, he gets the credit as Yakteen has never won a graded stakes race;if he loses,it’s Yakteen’s fault.


From: princeofdoc


Fascinating read, Tex, thanks!

According to Baffert's lawyer, this is a personal vendetta, launched by envious horse owners.  I think Baffert needs new counsel, one  who will recommend at least a modicum of contrition, and who will take a different approach altogether.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


One didn't need a crystal ball at this juncture to be able to predict that NYRA would dig in.  Thanks for the link, Tex.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Agree.  His lawyers are not doing Beta Bob any favors.  Billable hours baby.


From: TexSquared


and this is also to Steve...

They're playing the same cards they played in Kentucky.  It didn't work there and it won't work here.  I'm just glad he is having to serve the 90 days (which is worldwide), that's already a big victory for those wishing for integrity in the sport.   That judge took a stand and said no more coming to me to escape your punishments.

Here's hoping the additional 2 years tacked on by NYRA and CDI (to be served after the 90 day KY state ban) don't get beaten in the courts by his lawyers.  All that victim crap is a joke -- if you didn't use those drugs in the first place we wouldn't be having this discussion.  Common sense stuff. You weren't wronged by getting caught. You did wrong in the first place so it's your fault you got caught. Do the crime, do the time.   

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From: Wintertrian


Of interest, the Baffert horse that was transferred to Brisset, Blackadder, already got sold at KEEN auction.  250K, Claiborne Farm.   

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


KHRC Hearing coming up on June 28.  From the sound of it, Beta Bob should have considered a more competent, less biased scientist, as well as his goofy lawyers.  His methods seem to be designed to exculpate Roberto rather than to find the facts and the truth.

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SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Beta Bob suspended for 1 year by NYRA.   Will be allowed back January 2023, given credit for time served.