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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 45258 views.

From: DogsUpWired


Just saw that Andy is out. SDA was a colt I would not have left out 

But on the biased reservation that; about the turn into the Derby stretch his looking around (even with blinkers as in last)  and then being roused to get his attention would either be a significant good outcome for hitting the board or he'd just be watching his fellow Derby field pass him by. He is a positive scratch for ticket construction in my book. 

Add possibility of rain/slop and I'm all in.

Dry track and attention to elite jockey skills; "not what Dogs prays for. Less chance of home run tick-Key-to.  (d)

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From: DogsUpWired


Homework Diary time: YouTube vid

UAE Derby March 22 

Summer is Tomorrow was a long shot and racing against a Baff @ O'Neill runners and other for 100 40 etc points. 

1 3/16 miles place 2nd. 

Will look to see how colt traveled, how much time in US, works, jock a USer maybe. Or jock ships in with colt.

Vanity owner or hit the piñata for $1.8 mil and owner goes for overseas breeding and 25 year annuity.

Track Announcer says 'crappie time when they are Off as this one leads around and gets caught, but earns 2nd for 40 points getting him in the Derby.

Sire a grass specialist and couldn't get 9 fl..


The UAE race was won @ 159.76

Compare Epicenter @ 154.38 Lou Derb

Summer is Tomorrow was 2 3/4 length behind in UAE

Zozos was 2 1/2 behind in Lou Derb

Owner had just a week to supplement @ $6K. 

I'm going with beat me and toss.


From: princeofdoc


Bad news, I liked him......a bit odd to scratch already, as 3 weeks away could have a healthy colt with a couple of works under his belt.

You're right, every year we have these scratches, makes futures betting more of a gamble.  I'm rooting hard for In Due Time to come through and hit the board today, giving him enough points for the gate in 3 weeks.

Who knows, could be that 30 points will be enough

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From: DogsUpWired


Lexington short race

2021 Kentucky Derby winner trainer and better jockey; and Irad Ortiz better jockey beat jockey Paco Lopez today. 

The Derby will be a jockeys race.


From: ChiefsCrown


Yeah, 3 weeks out with a fever? Maybe he's hoping Happy Jack gets in instead and SDA gets a berth in the Preakness? 

....or, maybe there's more issues than Douggie O is letting on?


From: Wintertrian


Andy was a toss for me but hope he feels better soon. 

I need a horse I LIKE to scratch, make my job easier.  That's looking like Morello, actually.  I think he will go in pat day mile.  He had a 25 stride at auction going 1F when purchased, that is why I asked you about stride length.  I was pretty sure 25 was a good number but wasn't sure.   

Other 3 horses I like will be chalk I think so I am losing interest fast.   


From: pianot


I love a scratch but not sure thats what u met!  Thank you for your insight usually is spot on.


From: DogsUpWired


At auction they run just a furlong. And confirmation and body action are more attention. Times are about same as limited distance.
As to my scratch notions:
If I have a colt that I think can land underneath but he ranks say 11th to 14th in evaluations and gets scratched late, then I can add a colt I left out of the 6 didn't use. Put Commanding Curve in when there was a day before scratch

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From: DogsUpWired


20 Days to go for Derby  @ 20 colts. 

Doug a no go with Andy slowed down by a fever.

Yet O'Neill will head to Derby with #20 on list. 30 points. Ran 3rd in 2 Calif point provisos.  Dog math can't figure where the points came from for Calumet colt lacking call elite jockey. Maybe Mario- gets assigned who no longer has Slow Down Andy. *Should he have other mounts in 20 days ..At.. The Deuce Spires. 

No PP - past proof he can survive in long ball race; may be the dnf.

DOG tosstedo.