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Kentucky Derby 2022 DogsUp Diary   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 12/2/21 by DogsUp; 52621 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


Aquduct with fog today had 8th and 9th scratches to end up with small enough for no exacta, tri, super. And a W,P only..

Couldn't see to time race at run up.

Friday snow. Proly cancel?

Sat. Clear but a pulanta track. If they run and track chemistry gets Mother nature to turn her back 

Two 30/1s and 60/1 found it to their liking.

My trainer instructions go wide then as fast as you can without grazing the outside rail.

Contest above for Holly Bull. Only.

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From: DogsUpWired


Derby Point Race

Holly Bull - rain 7 PM, if before post Tiz the Bomb moves up. I wish I was in Florida now facing 2 months of winter.

Fortunately we have an informative Winter that makes it summer (song lyrics Nancy with the Laughing face) Hi.

Although Castellano is booting for under the radar connections, he's 'a hoping this one is his ticket to better days while performing out of recent injury..and Derby day mount. Yet he may switch to better if it presents itself on the first Saturday in May, yet the last day of that week.

One need see Tiz the Bomb run July 2nd at Elllis 4th race to know, even though tagged a winner and 2nd on greens, will run on dirt Saturday as an all terrain-er.

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From: DogsUpWired


as above, to remention, Castellano rides Simplification. I can imagine when the silk maker got this one (Silk for Simpie) he said: "Hey Jake are they saying this 'is a lock!'


From: ChiefsCrown


Up here near Buffalo we had 40 hours straight hours of the white stuff falling! 

Blaming Phil on that note (6 more wks. of winter). I'm using the 5 / 6 / 8 in the Holy Bull...tri/box.

Non winners of post #17 in the derby, that curse has to end sometime. Odds in favor or against Dogs?


From: DogsUpWired


BIG A weather scratches Feb 4 yielding 3 horse fields.

I'd say the 17 hits the top 5.  In advanced bet, hold

F c



From: DogsUpWired


Lot-sa Japanese runners signed up for Derby dreams on Jan 29 late entry.  

Corniche just signed in too.

Yah' know the Santa Anita Derby, Preakness and Haskell followed by winning the 3 eventos and popping in for a win BC Classic for a bonus could be up a sleeve. 

Engraved invitation for Baff runners if a no go for Derbski and run for the carnations in the Belmont Stakes. And others who have a long ball runner or timing not Derby ready. 

Keenland hosts BC as it did in 2020 and 2015. 

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From: DogsUpWired


Hoofnote:  Messier also entered 2nd Derby shout out.

Derby Delta Sy Dog not given Derby payment nod. Out.

New Delta Derby colt *one to compare all runners with becomes.


Sold  for hip of $140K, then $250 next auction. First race Maiden at Big A won with gate trouble. Same for 2nd race win.  6; + 7 furlongs 84 Beyer. No whip coasted out and ran beyond 

Hoofnote Deux: Beyers posted are for 3 yo races.

This Steve Assmussen colt yet to run at 3 has a comparative Beyer number for those now listed.

Trio Hoofnote: Morello beat another horse named Life is Good. I'd surmise there was confusion on this one. (d)

Seems the new owners are first time starter. First horse. Bought and managed through rep for new owners.

Jose Lezcano up for both wins. 

Whenever I see his name I'm reminded of the Monmouth Park jockey bios. It said:Does his own laundry.

I hope his manicured jockey seat will take some points.

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From: DogsUpWired


AGA gambling sports survey

Load in your browser.  

Gulfstream is down 17% since installing plastic track within a card of dirt and grass. 

Sincere' Bettors not keen on horizontals that include such events.

Churchill's Twinspire digital bet site could be sold.

Wouldn't surprise Dogs if other digitals will wheel into casino and sports gambling site softwares. Take their vig without backroom overhead.

This trend should make 2022 Ky Derby totals. A lot.

"How much do have to lose to get even"

GIVE US this day our...1st Saturday in May a sloppy track. And pray to Our Lady of ticket construction. A delicious pool. Especially with perhaps a white horse making it. In years past the colt with one eye, bless him, took some underdog skin.

Then perhaps, a  Derby race day timely scratch of favorite, then substitute Post favorite running 18th, add slop going and a 5+ Dosage way under the radar colt.

Add manicured Baffert in suit and tie in the race for comparison while winning connections adorned in their cowboy attire. Yet more; trainer shipping in his colt by van on the back of his truck.

He was replete with western clothing and a side order of crutches. I'll Have Another one of these.  Winner was Canadian 2 yr old champ Mine That Bird. Track Announcer called impossibe. 

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From: DogsUpWired


Mine that Bird qualified for points in his Derby. Yet track officials actually telephoned the owners to advise them they could run and did they want in.

Another trend to eyeball downstream is the new riche don't go all into racing like the E.V. Clines of past but, yet buy into a runner for the D Day'experience.

KDY Bird

Japanese entries must be microscoped, especially if they take up a US jock.

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From: DogsUpWired



Attention Doug O'Neill 

Slow Down Andy who beat Messier in last needs goggles and ear muffs. 


Perhaps as Wayne Lukas has done take the colt to a place and have mini crowd make noise and motions. If trying modified equipment does not work prior. 

Your runner, son of Nyquist that Reddan purchased just needs noise issues begone.