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Started Jan-8 by DogsUpWired; 2901 views.

From: DogsUpWired


Irad Ortiz Jr injured in gate @ GSP Jan 8, taken off Jan 9 mounts. This following 30 day riding suspension. And anecdotally; recently punched Paco Lopez after rider dismounts for claiming foul against him.

Perhaps considerations for a go/no go mount call in the Peg on Life is Good.

Hoofnote: Irad will return next Thursday. Watch for knee being sound.

Pletcher is trainer.

As of Today, two turn race, all 123 weight; 1/18 miles @ GSP battle for win seems LIG vs HOY and predictable fav Knicks Go. Rosario aboard KG in Peg win last year.

Fractions of the above two will cause the field to stay as close as possible as early as possible.

A closer game plan with these two with predictable exceptional fractions to the mile pole would require a suicidal run to catch them at the wire.  But, not positively and edge-up for 2nd if one should throw anchor  at 7.5 furlongs.

A ding dong race at the calls and predict "the move" to take place at  Mile/16. Turn in the paper work.

Enjoy the trip, life's and racing ..


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From: DogsUpWired


Did you know????

2019: three-year-old seasonEdit

Knicks Go was winless in eight starts at age three. He was originally campaigned on the 2019 Road to the Kentucky Derby with limited success, finishing fifth in the Sam F. Davis, seventh in the Gotham and fourth in the Lexington Stakes. Later in the year, he finished fifth in the Matt Winn, second in the Ellis Park Derby and fourth in the Super Derby. After finishing second in an allowance race at Keeneland, he completed the year by finishing tenth in the 
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From: smartyslew


Yes Dogs I did know that first part of your message every time I read Knicks Go its all right

there in his Past Performance's.

The second part the Place bet strategy is good dd. on your part.

The Knicks go part is ok ,every time you update it , it shows up in my Email

box,.. I haven't been able to correct that on this site for a long time.

Suggest maybe proof reading it the first time, that might help changes you make.

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From: DogsUpWired


Ah  I adjusted it from here. Note the new DogsUp wired. I have turned off my email notification to me.

The thread did not create corrections.

I added the place betting strategy for Pegasus type field

I added the joke 

I added the payoffs for place.

You can click the circle top right.

Then click accounts.

Then no incoming mail. 

When Changing to my new moniker it created the email from you..

I have always just gone to site for stuff.

Anyway, if Life is Good gets tagged for 2nd by a closer, K Go would pay even money for place.

See you around Derby time. 


From: smartyslew


I think my settings are messed up !

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From: DogsUpWired


ORTIZ JR OUT for injury. Was to ride Life is Good. Pletcher.

Mandaloun [ML 10-1 – Florent Geroux; passes $3 mil Peg race for pickings at Fairgrounds.  Slim that Geroux picks up Pletcher stead. Johnny Vee and Tyler Gaff have mounts. And when Johnny Vee inherits a mount in a big one...Holy Molly. Won first Derby that way with less than favoritism Animal Kingdom.

Jock regular at the annual Peg site Tyler Gaff is on the "Board" of directors at GSP. Knows his way around the park.

Jockey JJ is a possibility knowing these East Coast big race money riders and tenure exposure at GSP where he rides now. 


From: DogsUpWired


One would need in a PP detail of 18 deep to see KNICKS GO did not win as a Soph. (d)

I shut off my email per below. Didn't catch it with my new nom de plume.

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From: DogsUpWired


Looks like this

MEMBER to Member Email 

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From: DogsUpWired


Purse 3 mil. Estimate with10 runners 2022  and purse share. 

Value of Race: $2,944,600 1st $1,662,000, 2nd $554,000, 3rd $277,000, 4th $138,500, 5th $83,100, 6th $50,000, 7th $50,000, 8th
$30,000, 9th $50,000, 10th $50,000

In 2021 Knicks Go was geared down.

KG should hit the mile 1/16  at 1:40+ish.Maybe slightly under. A Perfection number it would be.

W= f × d. At this above juncture the math has  the d finishing mile 1/18 at 1:47 ish+.

Only draw back: If for some reason, if something should befall The GK in the miriad of possibilities, the jockey would not resort to pressing back into the hunt.

As, stud fee (first year to begin) $30,000 times 140 covers a year x 25 would be jeopardized.


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From: DogsUpWired


Last year's Pegasus , Irad Ortiz Jr rode 2nd place finisher who was 3rd co-betting choice as Knicks Go winded down to the wire win.

KG jockey Rosario led 2021 in significant jockey benchmarks.

With Irad Jr injury-off leading contender Life is Good; this m-a-y account for 1 or more seconds of skill sets not provided to this potential upset horse.

Perhaps a replacement of only JJ Castellano would be cause to belive an equal or better ride ironing for Irad Ortiz Jr.

At this level and income generating procedure; he would be best to read and react the organic race. Only JJ would keep me from bringing a couple of barn doors to the window.

Keep an eye and antenna on jockey named aboard LIG in earlier day race performances.

There's many many was to win a race. And the best is to get there first. So..

There's no reason to wind down Knicks Go to save some in the tank for his 2022 campaign. Headed to stud duty.

And purse share is a neat bundle of greens and beans in a January race for everybody. Right down to the valet, silks washer and boot shiner who more than likely are counting on it. As well; DogsUp Wired. (d)