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KY Derby Futures   Triple Crown

Started 1/21/22 by Wintertrian; 6336 views.

From: twoshots


Sounds even less likely that Early Voting will go, now that Classic Causeway is in. Too bad, I would like to see him in the Derby, but gotta respect Brown’s decision.


From: princeofdoc


It seems certain that Early Voting will not be entered.....sure, if Classic scratches, it's a possibility, but unlikely


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

Have they noticed something about the horse, whereby they want to avoid the new surroundings, and bring the requisite fitness to him in a familiar environment and track?

We'll never be told real reasons during predictable interviews....though I was impressed by Chad's interview regarding Early Voting recently, saying that they will wait until the last minute to see in fact who is entered

One needn't be "told" these things if we are familiar with a horse's pedigree and abilities, and what it is that the trainer is trying to "put" into their horses, and why they choose certain prep races.   Some tracks are fast, some are slow.  If you had a stamina horse that needed speed, would you barn  him at AQ or Tampa?  Of course not.

As for Brown waiting, I don't respect that at all.   If he doesn't know by now who will be entered then he is asleep at the wheel.  All it does is keep others out of the gate as well as keep them "off-balance" yes, honesty/transparency, no.   If the connections themselves have no confidence in their horse to compete then why should I?