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Found my Belmont/Preak-Creative Minister   Triple Crown

Started 3/7/22 by Wintertrian; 4371 views.

From: Wintertrian


Well one of my possible ones that is.

I had him in my virtual stable (because I think this is McPeek's "best horse")  and nobody knows about him yet but we'll see if that comes true.   He's very fluid but built like a tank.      I mentioned in this topic for a pick to run ITM, he got a crappy ride, but if you get to see his race at Gulfstream, his maiden, he ran 2nd despite a crappy ride, in this MSW.  Rider was asleep first part of the race, but he was unable to dampen Creative Minister's killler late kick.

Wanna see what he looks like?  Schooling with Rattle n Roll.    Um.......he's a monster. 

If legs speak to you, this may be my Belmont Horse.    Creative Minister.


BTW, If you scroll down a few videos you can also see Smile Happy. Rattle n Roll and Creative Minister have the better router bodies. no mistaking that. So hope to see Rattle n Roll again in another Prep, still think he is better than Smile Happy.

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From: Wintertrian


Also of note, his MSW was a field of 12.   Nice big field.  

Gulfstream March 5th, Race 4 

$180K as a yearling........True Nicks has him as an A++

(I get excited when I find a horse off the radar :) this early)   I think the story will be this turns out to be McPeeks TC race horse.      

Got 2nd from being 2nd to last .....and just missed.   He started rolling 7 lengths behind......this is a stretch run, baby!


From: princeofdoc


WOW!  Good find, best stretch run I've seen in awhile.....finished in 37 2/5 as far as I can tell.  Hope they find a 8.5 mdn race for him next!


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

WOW!  Good find, best stretch run I've seen in awhile.....finished in 37 2/5 as far as I can tell. 

thank you.  I prefer a "tank-like" horse for the Belmont-----the kind that it takes them a while to "get going", but once they start rolling that's it.    (For the derby, I prefer a smaller more agile horse. )  Anyway, he was 2nd to last, running off the pace, and then covering that much stretch from 7 lengths behind in a maiden indicates some talent is there.  His workout w/a Grade 1 winner,  final 1/2 in :22.4 and :46.3, is pretty good for an unraced maiden and he actually did look better than Rattle n Roll.   I guess others noticed since he went from 15-1 M/L down to 4/1 at post.   The horse who barely beat him was pretty speedy, firing bullet works i.e. final Q in :24 flat.

But you are right, McPeek needs to get him to route.   McPeek not great with first time starters but there's PLENTY of time between now and June 11th. 

He could turn out to be a dud.  I just took at likin' to him, you know how that is.  Sometimes no one thing.


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From: Wintertrian


.......and boom!  Creative Minister wins Keenland R1 like I thought he would.   

I've believed this is McPeek's  "best TC horse" while everyone has been busy looking at his Derby entries instead.   

Sloppy track, large field, 1-1/16th route.......he ran 5th most of the way (good stalker),  before the far turn, jockey moved him closer to rail, he got into 4th place, then 3rd going around the turn...then after turn just started running by the leaders.    This is exactly how I want a horse to run, jockey kept him well placed.  Took a lot of dirt and yet his facial expression after race he looked like a kid who had enjoyed a mud puddle romp. 

Onward, Creative Minister.  Unfortunately he got lasix though, which disappoints me.   



From: DogsUpWired


Mc Peek Career. Triple Crown wins (2): 2002 Belmont (G1) with 70-1 longshot Sarava; 2020 Preakness (G1) with the filly Swiss Skydiver.

Ken buys in to many of his trainees. He made a big Belmont Stakes day with Sarvana at  70-1!


From: Wintertrian


I have other "belmont" horses, he is just one I may consider if I see he runs another route well.  

I guess my title should say I found ONE of my considerations. 

All I know is that I've had fun watching McPeek beat a lot of the *cheaters* at Oaklawn .     I always liked him because he doens't shoot his 2 year olds up with lasix, but he's thus playing against a disadvantage.  I do not know if he can carry them forward later on as 3 year olds, his record isn't great for that.  But like Clement, Attfield, Motion, and even Zito and Casse, McPeek is a member of WHOA, and in agreement w/those who want uniformity in racing, support USADA and HISA interventions.  I waited over 20+ years for improvements, and unfortunately, I now believe will require another 20 years to happen here.   But I will still support the the good guys even if they don't win.   I'm not really a "gambler" so just watching, enjoying, etc. is fine by me------ my wagers are very "small" anyway.   :)  I have little to lose and everything to gain the way I see it. 


From: ChiefsCrown


That's my little or moderately and win big!

My goto bet is the $1 trifecta/box.

Only bigger races e.g. Triple Crown races, Breeders Cup, Dubai do i go out on a limb and bet higher.


From: princeofdoc


Congrats, Winter!  I know you're probably not betting today, but your horse looked great.....on the way to bigger races!?!