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Found my Belmont/Preak-Creative Minister   Triple Crown

Started Mar-7 by Wintertrian; 4174 views.
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From: Wintertrian


Gerh said...

I think McPeek should have read the title to the thread.Creative Minister could have used the 5 weeks,might have been better to skip the Preakness.

I actually think it wouldn't have mattered, he had trouble with the deep surface at BEL, which I'm not sure more rest would have fixed.    I think the distance might have been a tad too long for him when combined with that deep surface.  If it were Churchill he may have done better at 1-1/4 but he started late so wasn't ready to run in the Derby.   He did have more speed than stamina in his profile to begin with.    Looking back I think they supplemented him to Preakness because they probably thought he would run ITM there and he did.   Although 5th in the Belmont isn't so bad.  


From: Wintertrian


sovereign1 said...

I know what you mean. It was Rock of Gibraltar for me.

I can definitely see why!

A truly amazing runner as well.   And then, that name.  What a regal name.