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Found my Belmont/Preak-Creative Minister   Triple Crown

Started 3/7/22 by Wintertrian; 4365 views.

From: ChiefsCrown


That's my little or moderately and win big!

My goto bet is the $1 trifecta/box.

Only bigger races e.g. Triple Crown races, Breeders Cup, Dubai do i go out on a limb and bet higher.


From: princeofdoc


Congrats, Winter!  I know you're probably not betting today, but your horse looked great.....on the way to bigger races!?!


From: smartyslew


Sweet, Thanks for Sharing'''''..........Again and........Againheart_eyes


From: DogsUpWired


Yep!  Trainer jock are same combo to my Derby LS to hit board ....bomb

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From: Wintertrian


Thanks y'all..........and boom!  Creative Minister wins R4 at Churchill.   Nice router.  $9.20 for my loyalty.

3 races now   3-2-1-0

Its a very fulfilling challenge to "find a horse" very early in their career that all the Talking Heads aren't on to yet.   But they will be.  


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From: Wintertrian


So, he just supplemented for $150K  for the Preakness.  :)   

I found him accidentally.  In Late February 2022, I was watching workout videos for the KY Derby horses and by accident I caught CM w/Rattle n Roll at Gulfstream and thought to myself "CM is the better horse and has zero racing experience yet."   I realized I was looking at a G1 winner (R&R) against an unraced maiden,  and clearly the unraced maiden (CM) just looked better to me!   

That's how you end up a fan of a horse I guess. 

BTW, I think he comes from a good place, was born and raised at Dell Ridge where the Wests board all their mares so Max Security and Life Is Good were also born and raised on that farm.   (The West's did not breed this one, Dell Ridge  did.)  But he's in good winning company, at least superstitiously.  LOL    Dell Ridge has Max Securities very first foal as well (a filly) born there. 

That race on the derby undercard, he went 1-1/16th, won by almost 3 lengths, last 1/16th in less than 6 seconds.  

Edited:  I changed my topic title to include preakness not just belmont since I didn't think he'd be *ready* in time for the Preakness but I guess he is now.  Not a lot of time between his most recent race and Preakness though, for a young horse w/out much experience that may not be good, but supplementing for $150 shows some confidence right? 


From: princeofdoc


Confidence from whom?  Trainer?  Owner?

I am not confident that McPeek knows how to prepare horses for the TC races.....I will be rooting for him anyway, and hope that he is entered wisely.


From: Wintertrian


princeofdoc said...

Confidence from whom?  Trainer?  Owner?

I am not confident that McPeek knows how to prepare horses for the TC races.....I will be rooting for him anyway, and hope that he is entered wisely.

I agree about McPeek to an extent.   The thing that I started out saying here, in the first post, was that part of the problem is that too many people "were on the wrong McPeek horses" and early on, I just thought this one was actually his *BEST* horse all along.   

Not that that means anything, because he may not be the best of the other horses he will run against.....but it does mean that CM was already better in late February than McPeek's G1 winner (RnR) and I saw that early on in his workouts. 

As for Smile Happy, I thought it was interesting that his final placement in the Derby was about even with Tiz The Bomb, they have always been, for me, "the exact same horse" in so many ways and why neither was in my picks (smile happy 8th, TTB 9th) .....think people overestimated SH based on potential of his pedigree.    

And, now that you mention it, I'm so wary of McPeek that I don't even have confidence in this very green horse ATM either.  :(   Will have to see how the rest of the field shapes up.  





I hope you have space on that bandwagon for me. I think I'm going with your horse in this one. I think that the Derby's relatively slow final time, exposed much of this crop. I expected the race to be run in fast time by the horses helped, not compromised, by the pace. Epicenter is a huge favorite, but I was not impressed, as he was able sit off the fast Derby pace, yet was not able to hold off "Richie". I think Creative Minister is an improving horse, that can definitely be in the mix, if he he takes another step forward. I'm not a huge fan of Brian Hernandez, but he's acceptable.


From: princeofdoc


I think I'm actually going with Simplification.....and I'll be using Fenwick at the bottom of the exotics