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Sunland Derby Sun 3/27/2022   Triple Crown

Started Mar-26 by Wintertrian; 2355 views.
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From: Wintertrian


....and here it is, 6/01/2022, after Classic Moment ran in the Sunland Derby 3/27/2022 (after running 3rd in the Mine That Bird Derby) and we STILL don't know what happened to this horse after he was vanned off at Sunland. ust "disappeared" with no works, no news, no announcement of retirement, etc. I can assure you this would NOT happen in most other racing jurisdictions; it would not happen in Hong Kong, Japan, and just about any euro racing place I can think of. I am going to keep being the squeaky wheel on this, because every horse deserves it,

NO HORSE who ran for us DESERVES BEING "disappeared". His fans do not deserve being kept in the dark either.

Sano let us know that Simplifciation bled in the Preakness. This is how it should be.

Surely there must be somebody out there who is as interested in Classic Moment's well-being as I am? I don't put even $2 on a horse and then forget they ever existed.

Is he dead? Is he injured and suffering? Is he retired well on some nice farm somewhere? I want to know.

I don't need any contacts......I have a pretty big list already, but after posting about this to numerous places, I have decided to follow up with "the right someone" won't be an obscure blogger or a U.S. racing apologist either.

THis was a Kentucky Derby Prep race. Supposed to be a big deal in our racing lineup for our TC races, right?

All the preparation, all the hype, and then, we discover that few in the racing universe seem to care what happens to horses who ran in our revered and hallowed Triple Crown prep races. ???