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Toss for the WIN spot   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started 4/22/22 by Wintertrian; 11357 views.

From: Wintertrian


Northof64 said...

True. When we looked at it I Don’t recall the winner being sacrificed. I know good magic was a tie years ago so technically that did not qualify. I gave up because the delayed year from covid and the cheating by baffert and probably others. Just seemed all the angles people worked on so hard were  thrown out because of the times. Also so few preps as a 3 year old makes it tough. It was fun while it lasted.

Maybe we can "tighten it up" a little bit next year, i have some ideas.  

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From: Wintertrian


My newest toss for the win, Smile Happy.  I went back over his races, esp. last, even a horse who is tired who has "hutzpa" is going to rev up a little when another horse starts to pass them, if they are alpha in any way, and .....well, he just doesn't do that.  I feel that if he is called upon for a duel, he's going to back down.  Would be interesting to see if Kerry Thomas agrees with me when his report comes out.  

Also reading that Charge It is quite difficult to manage, um, he appears to be somewhat "randy".  I don't think he's a good gate horse.  Apparently the kind of horse that wears everyone out in the barn.  (I remember Steve Asmussen having one like this, I forgot who though, really hard to handle horse. ) 


From: DogsUpWired


"RANDY" I like it. What's a Randy.

Like a Karen of horses.

To All as my wonderful mom who lived to 103+ and probably could memorize all 20 Derb prospects; 

"It's a great life...if you don't weaken."


And Dogs only wants One key horse to finish Uno for Roso followed by the "Lookin at Lee" type colt and the Toss of Tosses 3rd.


From: sovereign1


The more I look at your tosses, the more I want to play them. smile


From: ChiefsCrown


I would keep White Abarrio on the list as his 4 wins are @ GP. His last derby prep was yesterday @ GP....No breezes @ CD??

I'll let WA beat me on Sat. Great looking horse though!!

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From: sovereign1


I am going to add Early Voting to this list of tosses for the WIN. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


From: KonaNative


Im tossing MO Donagal... Aqueduct horse for course 

Charge It...too green


From: Wintertrian


sovereign1 said...

The more I look at your tosses, the more I want to play them.

You're welcome. :)    See, this is why giving picks and REASONS for them is so important.  Other people get something out of it.   

I absolutely respect anyone who gives their OWN reasons for liking or disliking a horse and I like to see the back-and-forth on it.   So I really respected Foresight's reasoning and him/her posting about their horse.  (despite that I didn't agree with the choice).  

What I don't respect, is after the post positiions come out, (my least favorite week of the year) when I pretty much stop looking at anything because all the "products" and "talking heads" come out of the woodwork, and people just start giving "picks", with none of their OWN reasoning at all.  (maybe they buy their opinions, I dunno)  .   On the forums I post on, no serious handicappers give respect for people who don't write a few sentences on why they picked who they picked......thousands of people have picks and they are a dime-a-dozen. 

f you can't explain WHY you like or dislike a horse, then no serious handicapper bothers reading your picks.    The number of guests signed in here, as well as the ones who contribute nothing, who just show up every year to benefit from other people's weeks and months of hard work, research and heavy lifting....but will never be able to cap a KY Derby successfully under their own steam. 

So that is why, in essence, I might disagree in a post about someone's pick..I want to make it clear that I did the work to reason out the chinks in their armour, (although I realize some people may misunderstand my doing that.)   I do it because I also think it "helps" others who are reading about the horses.  I also want other people to DING my picks, for the same reason.  Why I am wrong, call me out.  (so you didn't tell me exactly what you dislike about my some of the horses I liked yet, Sovereign-----that's okay, they aren't my final picks anyway, esp. w all the recent drop outs).  

TL;DR:    have reasons for your picks, and reasons for your tosses.  


From: sovereign1


Looks like an all-grey box for me if it rains because they are all Tapits and I like Tapits when the weather is wet.

White Abarrio - Charge It - Barber Road