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CD workouts   Triple Crown

Started 4/22/22 by princeofdoc; 4528 views.

From: princeofdoc


If it's not part of a trainer's usual protocol, I get concerned.  Asmussen nearly always works his horses slowly.....except occasionally, very occasionally, and I always take note of when one of his stable puts in a bullet.  Pletcher worked several of his that day, all fast, though not bullets, except for Mo.  So, yes, he may have had his reasons, but I am imagining what they might be.  The previous pattern with Mo has always been to put in some quick solid works prior to racing.....his only slow ones were after missing training, and weeks after racing.  So, I will be watching his next one for some indication.  This is the slowest he's worked, so I simply wondered if he might not be getting over the surface well, or ?

And of course you're right, it could be exactly for reasons we are unaware of.....I'm just wondering, that's all.




Although I gave my present top five, there is one more horse that can vault all the others, if he works well at CD. For now I will stay mum!


From: princeofdoc


Looking forward to knowing about this one :)

On the works thus far, virtually EVERY trainer has remarked on how fantastic his horse I am definitely discounting every trainer's comments.  Have to go on observers, and my own eyes, I suppose, to judge quality of work


From: Gerh


“Couldn’t be doing any better” and “Exactly what we were looking for” is the usual narrative.Did you honestly expect transparency,lol.

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From: princeofdoc


No, of course least not until they decide the horse shouldn't run on May 7th, then we'll hear all the honest aspects of the horse's non-readiness.

But that does leave one to depend upon either someone's observation you think is unbiased, or your own lyin' eyes :)


From: DogsUpWired


+ All

Mike Welsh of the DRF is based at Gulfstream. Annually he takes assignment at Churchill to clock and watch. In video format. For years very solid assessment:

Otherwise you'll hear each trainer say: 

He came out of his last race terrifically.

Ran out past the mile and an eighth in last race; even with the (add trouble line)

Trainer's Owner speak: The owners immediately gave me the green light for the Derby..(praises owner and adds owner's wife's or husband's name, cat and dog) Adds highlight as owner's were in Hawaii or sponsoring a worthy cause. How great it has been the relationship 

About the horse: Talks about one of his best ever; and other relationships with sire 

The work: Couldn't have asked for anything better. Colt is kind, easy to handle, is filling out physically and timing is perfect for the added eighth mile. Relaxed and eating his tub empty 

Jockey: He read the field and by the turn I knew we had a great shot..but everybody has to wait til the wire 

Surface: He's run on multiple surfaces so if it comes up wet or molten lava, we're ready 

Post position: if good: We drew very well but jockey could start from the parking lot. Bad post: With the new gate in its 3rd year we're prepared to change things from the 17 slot 

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TTB did not do anything to convince me to move him in.  One more work, don't think I will be convince to move him in

Anyone see a good list of upcoming scheduled works?  I am trying to find a good day to go out there, have not seen much talk about upcoming works.

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I think Mo put in a maintenance work. The other Pletcher horse, Charge It, worked very well. I always look to the CD works to find a potential longshot. Charge It doesn't exactly qualify as a longshot, but he might be my surprise pick this year. Not only did he work very stron, especially his gallop out, but his greenness in the Fla. Derby indicates that he has some serious room to improve. If he puts it all together two weeks from now, watch out!


From: Wintertrian


sovereign1 said...

Barber Road seemed to like the slop.

Oaklawn horse, they all pretty much have to like slop to run ITM.   If it's muddy I would certainly use him in a superfecta underneath.


From: smartyslew


Another one with 2 Halo Lines.