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Winter's Yearly Homebred Box   Triple Crown

Started Apr-25 by Wintertrian; 478 views.

From: Wintertrian


it's been a "tradition" for me to post a homebreds exacta box.  THIS IS A GIMMICK WAGER and does not affect my actual lineup or pick for the KY Derby winner. 

For a gimmick wager I guess you could do a lot worse.  :) 

FWIW, breeders of Happy Jack, Tawny Port and Rich Strike have won the derby in the past, but none of these are homebreds this year.   I also did not go thru the entire list because so many breeders are either not in operation anymore or have combined with other partnerships now that don't match up anything I can work out. 


From: pianot


Thank you. Hope it hits!

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From: Wintertrian


We have a "gimmicks" exacta topic every year, and mine is always the homebreds, so I'm just going for not breaking my tradition here. 

Sometimes there are gimmicks for certain sires, or certain trainers, or even alphabetical, llke "all the A horses", etc.

Usually a very fun and quixotic topic. 


From: sovereign1


Homebreds meaning they weren't sold but kept by the breeders?

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From: Wintertrian


In case you are wondering how potent this angle is (of homebreds winning the KY Derby) here's a little chart based on the reasearch I did.   I only went back to 1930 in my chart here,  although there were 17 other homebreds who won the KY Derby before 1930.   

A homebred winning the KY Derby I would say it's pretty *potent*.  Which, in the course of my research led me to make this my traditional hallmark topic. 

91 years (1930 to 2021) 49 horses + 2 DQs were homebreds (I counted the DQs because they did cross the finish line 1st as homebreds) for a 55% hit rate.

If you add in the other 17 I didn't include before 1930, starting with Aristedes in 1875, the hit rate is more in the 70%+ percentile.

1)   2021 Mandaloun Juddmonte Farms Inc

2)   2019 Country House J. V. Shields, Jr.
      2019 Maximum Security Gary & Mary West Stables, Inc  DQed (incl. for homebred purposes)

3)   2015 American Pharoah Zayat Stables LLC

4)   2014 California Chrome Steve Coburn & Perry Martin

5)   2013 Orb Stuart S. Janney III & Phipps Stable

6)   2011 Animal Kingdom Team Valor International

7)   2010 Super Saver WinStar Farm LLC

8)   2007 Street Sense Jim Tafel LLC

9)   2006 Barbaro Lael Stables

10) 2005 Giacomo Jerry & Ann Moss

11) 2004 Smarty Jones Someday Farm

12) 1996 Grindstone Overbrook Farm

13) 1993 Sea Hero Rokeby Stable

14) 1986 Ferdinand Elizabeth Keck

15) 1984 Swale Claiborne Farm

16) 1983 Sunny’s Halo D.H. Foster Racing Stable

17) 1982 Gato Del Sol Arthur Hancock III & Leone Peters

18) 1981 Pleasant Colony Buckland Farm

19) 1978 Affirmed Harbor View Farm

20) 1974 Cannonade John Olin

21) 1973 Secretariat Meadow Stable

22) 1972 Riva Ridge Meadow Stable

23) 1968 Forward Pass Calumet Farm
24) 1968 Dancer's Image DQed  (including due to homebred)

25) 1967 Proud Clarion Darby Dan Farm

26) 1964 Northern Dancer-CAN Windfields Farm

27) 1963 Chateaugay Darby Dan Farms

28) 1962 Decidedly El Peco Ranch

29) 1961 Carry Back Jack & Katherine Price

30) 1958 Tim Tam Calumet Farm

31) 1957 Iron Liege Calumet Farm

32) 1955 Swaps Rex Ellsworth

33) 1952 Hill Gail Calumet Farm

34) 1950 Middleground King Ranch

35) 1949 Ponder Calumet Farm

36) 1948 Citation Calumet Farm

37) 1946 Assault King Ranch

38) 1944 Pensive Calumet Farm

39) 1943 Count Fleet Mrs. John D. Hertz

40) 1942 Shut Out Greentree Stable

41) 1941 Whirlaway Calumet Farm

42) 1938 Lawrin Woolford Farm

43) 1937 War Admiral Glen Riddle Farms

44) 1936 Bold Venture Morton Schwartz

45) 1935 Omaha Belair Stud

46) 1933 Brokers Tip Col. E.R. Bradley

47) 1932 Burgoo King Col. E.R. Bradley

48) 1931 Twenty Grand Greentree Stable

49)  1930 Gallant Fox Belair Stud


From: smartyslew


Oh Come On, you are making the  deep pockets and pin Hookers Cry ! And Gary Young ..relaxed


From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

Oh Come On, you are making the  deep pockets and pin Hookers Cry ! And Gary Young

I thought it was rather generous to leave them with 45% of the other horses