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Post your KY Derby horses here   Handicapping

Started 5/7/22 by Wintertrian; 2313 views.

From: ShaddyisBack


that was the one thing I did say.. .called a 100.4. Just figured a few of them could handle it, lets face it, 2 did... And most had simplification ... Just not 21, go back and look, just no way you can bet that horse, even with the 110.3 you would figure 5 - 7 others to clean up

No worries as alway, spent 600 and won nothing... Part of the game. Will make it up on draftkings golf as usual... For a year now been cleaning up on double ups, too bad they only offer 500.00 a week



UFC helped me claw back some losses tonight.


From: princeofdoc


I love betting golf too!  Had Day this week at 62-1....what a terrible day!


From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

Think jockey race for Key wheel Tris 


Irad Ortiz Jr

In 1st  2nd + 3rd key 

Then the usual suspects

Prat (perhaps a tie with above 2)


Johnny Vee


Um.......Maybe you can show them how Sonny Leon does it.   Here's the overhead:

And Rich Strike had to be a very tractable horse to weave in and out of traffic as guided by his jockey. That was some teamwork, as good as Calvin on Mine That Bird.  Trust + partnership, that was great. 

Sonny TRAINED the horse to go between horses.   Imagine that.  Imagine keeping the same jockey instead of order up the money riders.    These people deserved the win


From: DogsUpWired


!How the jockey rode the colt so well!

Winning Derby jockey was given my accolades of great job well done in other posts....Already. He is a leading rider at his circuit.

The 2nd and 3rd place jockeys are consistently in top 5 in USA.


Competing Trainers to Jocks...don't give up the rail. May the best horse and jockey win 

Briefly... trainer interview after Derby said following a previous race the jockey stated the colt has got it what to do... is ready to fight for win spot. 

Perhaps find out what the biting of outrider's horse was all about following the Preakness wire.

The jockey was very instrumental in making his way through the timing.

In other words it was a jockey race ....The SKILL sets as 80-1 was navigated to trophy.

Definition: In my mind it is of value of ''how the jockey rides in the race/Derby that gives it somewhat 'a leg up to the wire. And give it more import at distance and size of field etc.

You note how well the jock was into his colt prior to him more how 'a jockey race. 

Even the Queen of the Mile could ride Big Red to a Triple.

Right now it looks to me that the colt was at the right time * fractions of the race and the right place field spread wide open. With Jockey delivering the most longest of shots. The skill set in the race.


From: smartyslew


The Jock fit the Horse like a Glove, like Stewart Elliot on Smarty, Borail on Mine that Bird.  Mario G on I'll Have Another

You put Praise on Irad all of the Time and he is good, No Glove for him. 10 and 11 wide on Number one post in this race

Like other top Jocks in this race, Many Bad rides, In the Derby, Jocks are over rated in this race imo. 
Many are on top teams and Don't fit like a glove or have a choice and will be committed.

Its the top 20 of 3's in a race , top jocks are not fit to the horse like a glove, Many times I downplay the top Jock

on a horse for the first time in the Derby. watching the preps I thought Rosario  fit Epicenter, The Jock on White Abarrio

fit imo, Prat on Zandon,  Geroux  fit Zozos and Chose Cyberknife. I had no clue about Rich Strike and Leon.

That was it for me scoring jocks for this year.  just saying, top rated jocks or trainers struggle with this race

Many because they are committed to a team imo.

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From: Oldbettowin


A guy at work hit a 50c tri, All with 3/6/10 with 3/6/10. Split the $54 bet with a buddy.

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