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What were you right about & wrong about   Triple Crown

Started May-8 by Wintertrian; 3743 views.
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From: DogsUpWired


Hey Plus ...Jackie should have been your free square 


From: Wintertrian


Pedigreestar said...

rong about Rich strike winning ,not had imagined such a long shot at all 80 to1 .Connections were lucky enough to get the last minute entry in the field and also had faith in their ability.

First of all, I'm am utterly enjoying everyone's insight in this topic.  Glad I asked the question.  

And reading yours, Ravi, about "last minute entry"......this is the perfect opportunity for me to say, to all the "chest beaters" in the world who claim their success is all of their own doing and only their own doing.........guess what?   LUCK plays a part.   After all those defections, and then, at the very very last minute, your horse makes it into the gate ?   Otherwise, you're not even a footnote in history. 

Now, that doesn't mean preparation isn't foremost.   You must always be prepared.   What philosopher said:  Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.      I forgot who said it but I always remembered it. 

So let's say you are a writer.  you better be working on your creation all the time.......because you go to a dinner party and are seated next to a stranger, who turns out you have really good comraderie with.   And she finds out you are a writer, and gues what?  her father is the CEO of Time, Inc.  back in the day.    That's how I got someting "read" that wouldn't have been read 30 years ago.   

You gotta do the work, and be prepared.  But LADY LUCK plays a huge part in all of our lives.  That is why we should practice  humility.   


From: Plus2lbs


Tell me about it..


All good still.

Enjoyed you always.

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From: Wintertrian


Yes, Rich Strike could have gotten lost in the pages somewhere.  It took a very last minute defection to get in the gate.  THAT is Lady Luck.   But his trainer and rider had him *ready* and that is the lesson here. 

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From: GamblingMel


Yep, I got the 2nd through 5th place finishers, just forgot to slot in old number 21 to come in first.   Still the best Derby in as long as I can remember!! 


From: GamblingMel


Me too . . . I did feel we'd see a surprise horse but I thought it would be Pioneer of Medina or TTB.   Sigh.   I do feel like if I'd had a bit more time to ruminate on the late entry, I may have gotten there.