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Rich Strike's "TEAM" and groom   Triple Crown

Started May-9 by Wintertrian; 2072 views.

From: TexSquared


Saw your message...  you said the same thing in the forum post so let's just say I don't post political angles on anything because I know how nasty people can get about it.  

All I see here is a newspaper columnist digging up an old tweet or two by Mr. Reed, and also pointing out that the jockey got hit with a suspension, and is using those things together to talk badly of Rich Strike's connections. 

What I will say is, when it comes to the sport, neither of these are anywhere as bad as multiple drug positives.   No bettor got ripped off here. The race was run fair and square.  The jockey didn't ride carelessly  (last thing we needed was another Maximum Security, let alone Medina Spirit).


From: smartyslew


My point is this scribe and Espn and other media outlets jumped right on something from Gorka

who is political and Suspect to the truth. Big political fight in Kentucky going on. What and if Reed

said that ,has nothing to do with horse racing and Planted tweets are known to happen on political forums.

Twitter, Facebook, etc. I shouldn't make it sound like just Political Forums, everywhere it seems.


From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

Keen Ice pappy and this colt retiring off Derby stud value. Losses forwardly and no more board hits....

At least he won't go to the breeding shed 1/2 lame like Justify (a friend saw him at the breeding farm that same year and said he looked dreadful, skinny, worn out but is looking better NOW).  

And he hasn't ever been shot up with lasix so we know Rich Strike won't be creating more "bleeders".