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Started May-11 by pianot; 9940 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


That splash we just heard was some poor bettor landing in the Chesapeake from off a bridge.  


From: twoshots


He paid 2.80 and 2.40.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Thanks for the correction.  I took it off the results I found on the racing part of this site.  I'll give Tex a shout out on it.

Pgm  Horse             Jockey       Win   Place   Show
 5   Early Voting      Ortiz      14.20    7.40   5.40
 8   Epicenter         Rosario            32.00  14.40
 2   Creative Minister Hernandez                  6.00

From: pianot


How the heck did epi pay more that CM?




Isn't bleeding a very tough thing to recover from?  Especially since big stakes are not allowing Lasix?  I'd think his career is over unless they want to set him out for the rest of the year and bring him back for 4yo ( I think some of those may not have drug restrictions.)


From: Wintertrian


PISTOL9 said...

Isn't bleeding a very tough thing to recover from?  Especially since big stakes are not allowing Lasix?  I'd think his career is over unless they want to set him out for the rest of the year and bring him back for 4yo ( I think some of those may not have drug restrictions.)

Usually 2 big reasons horses seem to just "stop" on the track or don't perform is bleeding (EIPH) or epiglottal entrapment (flipped a palate* that is fixed by a surgery that removes a flap of skin).   EIPH (bleeding) doesn't mean their career is over at all.   It depends on the level of bleeding, mild airway disease all the way up to severe, chronic and recurrent.     

Catholic Boy bled in the FL Derby, ran 4th....then look what he went on to accomplish!   

Chasing Time bled in the AR Derby and ran 3rd on the Preakness undercard Chic Lange Stakes 1.5 months later. 

Conservative treatment, since horses are obligate nasal breathers, quite often managed with nasal strips/nasal dialators, and rest, a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, and a bunch of other meds and lavage type procedures that reduces inflammation (I don't know what all those are but they reduce and heel up broken blood vessels in the lungs). 

By some "miracle" the rest of the horse racing world on the planet manages their horses w/out using Lasix or raceday meds  Like Gai Waterhouse says: "Its just good horsemanship." 

In Hong Kong, bleeders are evaluated by stage. 0 to about 4 or 5.  Low level to high level.  They are forced to take time off and not race, and then if they keep bleeding or bleed excessively, then they are not BRED and they are also no longer allowed to be racehorses and assume other careers.   Seems like a pretty simple and logical system to me.   Hong Kong lets you see the vet records before you outlay your money, so you are not getting fleeced. 

IMHO however, our PPs should have notations if a horse has bled.   The betters certainly DESERVE that information.  That would require some access to vet records, and this ain't Hong Kong so don't hold  your breath.  

I hope Simplification can heal up soon and get back to racing .  A very nice horse!

I also hope that the pro lasix crowd won't be using our slow conversion to non lasix racing to battle for continuing to use it.  Of course, as long as we are "breediing bleeders", that may take a while to see.   Maybe a long while.  

When I first started going over to the track in the mornings to watch workouts, some of the "roarers" used to worry me, but as long as they are receiving proper diagnostic procedures, it turns out that some horses  just *are" louder...... and they aren't flipped paletes, etc.  at all. 


From: Wintertrian


Oldbettowin said...

 EV is p-np with His dam’s sireline going back to MoW.  I think the Belmont is his to lose.

If he were going in the Belmont.  Which he isn't.  Would have been nice to SEE if he could do 1-1/2 miles. 

But I'm sure many are standing in line to put 100-1 future wagers on him in the Breeders Cup Classic.     

I will do a wait-and-see on him, after seeing Mo Don run by him at 9F in the Wood , and then seeing him expend so much early energy as a wire-the-field type, and drifting outward, by about 2-3 paths in the Preakness stretch, I couldn't support him if he had decided on the Belmont.    I asked people who don't even watch much horse racing and it was just obvious EV was losing his form in the stretch.  


From: Wintertrian

May-23 said...

Slow-El Rosario does it again. What an unbelievably bad ride.

I have almost zero history of every "blaming" a rider for a horse's loss, but this time will be an exception.  How you can take a horse like Epicenter, and put him back behind 6 other horses directly into traffic and obstacles, in some kind of "obsession" to get to the rail (which for a horse like Epicenter, given his pace figures, was jaw dropping) is beyond anything even approaching a decent ride.   If he had kept position he would most likely have just run up and passed that whole bottleneck-brigade of lesser horses, and got up alongside of EV and blown by him, esp since EV was losing form in the stretch (and quite obviously to my eye.)   

Someone mentioned to me that every since Joel came up on the rail with Everfast at Pimlico, it's like he has that indelibly inscribed into his brain when at Pimlico.  Talk about being stuck, inflexible,  and not even situationally aware.    It was unbelievably stupid.  


From: TexSquared


Data entry error... fixed now.