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Started 6/7/22 by pianot; 9333 views.
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No interest in We the People anywhere near the 2-1 ML, so I guess I'm going back to Skippy for the win with the hope that Franco puts him no worse than third early and he grinds his way to the wire first.




If WtP stays up mid single digits(8-1 last night), I will include him on more tickets. Kinda like EV at Pimlico who floated up.  Race pace seems to always go opposite what I think.  KD way faster PRK way slower.  So this one will probably be way too fast if it goes against my expectations

I really liked Skippy in his last two, but not here.  Going into the first turn at Pimlico, the jock had option to go inside or real wide and choose real wide which I thought was a mistake.  It does not matter here as none will be too wide.  He does have a lot of 10-a but I still think he is weaker overall for 12f.  Both he and MoD have quite a bit of ff3 which I always like, but am going against here.  7&3 are my top pedigrees but both those have some weaknesses as well.  

Looks like I am going against most of the top chalk but tough not to have chalky horses in the races with small fields  P5



From: sovereign1


Where are you getting the live odds?


From: twoshots


Mo Donegal has also been lasix-free for all of his races, according to the PPs.


From: sovereign1


Barber Road, Rich Strike and Nest as well. A nice lasix-free ex and tri box.

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From: Wintertrian


My write ups on Creative Minister and Golden Glider stand and hope they help somebody rather than hinder.

 I also like Nest and Rich Strike (not really sure about Rich Strike yet.  My main concern is Sonny's ability to ride at Belmont against NY riders who know that track well, no reflection on horse himself)

(5,3,7,4) ex or tri box

GG is based on my penchant for canadian blacktype. Just can't discount Ghostzapper and Baby Zip (2005 Kentucky Broodmare of the Year and a Reine-de-Course), 3rd dam Passing Moon who produced Touch Gold and Canadian TC winner With Approval).    Plus he's been at been at BEL the longest, is acclimated,  and Casse has won this race.  Seems like a good basis for a longshot bomber.

(After I watch the post parade, I may swap out Rich Strike for Mo Don or Barber Road if I see anything untoward, but not sure either has the correct breeding for this)

WeThePeople will be absent from my exactas and trifectas. No surprise there. 

Best other longshots of the Day: 
R6:    Morello
R8:   I really like Change of Control.   Other longshots:  Gear Jockey, Filo Di Ariana 
R10:  Tokyo Gold  30-1

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From: DogsUpWired


Hamburger helpers for Tri/Super

Race 10  #1 L'imp 

Race 8 #8 Scuttlebuzz

The horse math...Prat non winner Friday; 2 thirds. Should win 3 races today.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I noticed that, too, two.   Thanks, though.  I can't get behind Mo at what seems like a fairly severe underlay.  On the other hand, he could be sitting on a move forward, which puts him in the mix for exotics players.

Good luck if you decide to take a shot on the race.

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From: DogsUpWired


PRAT hasn't hit the board. Through race 5.  His math is way off 

Anecdotal...perhaps the move from  Calf to  Greater NY area with family is it 


From: Wintertrian


twoshots said...

Mo Donegal has also been lasix-free for all of his races, according to the PPs

As a standalone win bet he's too chalky, but in an exotic okay.   All I gotta say is he may race boringly, but he's got the prettiest face ever, so I'll enjoy the eye candy!