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Started 7/5/22 by pianot; 6051 views.

From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

If not broken don't fix it. HISA also bungled a $20K new owner claim.

Perhaps jocks will push back on Breeders Cup.


U.S. racing was seriously broken before I ever heard the acronym HISA. 

Yes, HISA is new.  YES they are trying to do something.  YES it will take a while to implement.  YES it will be rocky.   YES they will get some things wrong.   (like when we tried to {appropriately} give 60 million uninsured Americans health care insurance.)   Improving an unjust system, and changing an entrenched status quo, is not an easy task.  

Meanwhile, HISA ain't goin' those who don't support fixing some aspects of our sport----
1.) put the horse first; 2.) put us closer to the way respected jurisdictions in the world conduct horse racing -----  lets just say I hope the apologists skeedaddle long before HISA does. 

And, this year, if any jockey uses their whip improperly in the Breeders Cup races, I hope they DO get a suspension + fine.     

Sometimes old dogs need to learn new tricks, and the smart ones, do, or they go the way of dinosaurs.  Jockeys can certainly add crop finesse to their skillset.   Like JV said when he got fined by the British Racing Authorities during Royal Ascot in 2019:  "The rules are different here, and the way they use the crop here is different," (indicating that where you contact a horse and how many times played a part in the sanctions.)

Of course, JV knew the Brit racing rules rather well, but at least he took his suspension w/out whining too much.....he can ride anywhere even after NY upheld the BRA suspension didn't starve to death or anything. I can appreciate that not every rider is in that privileged category, but I have faith they will adapt. )



From: DogsUpWired


The whip issue is contrary to horse and rider safety. And have noted here new crop invented by retired Jockey sustained by injury. Ramon Dominguez.

I predicted that Irad Jr would over use crop in a previous race and he did and fined. In (Derby) and point perhaps will do again in BC and pay fine.

If you research HISA peeps; experienced Lawyers specializing in racing/horse and this is a cash cow.

I did say somebody/horse is going to get hurt ..


From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

The whip issue is contrary to horse and rider safety.

Drugging horses is contrary to horse and rider safety.

I welcome any organization that can save US Racing from the edge of oblivion--- and from itself.  

R8 at KEEN today, 6 horse field, Chad Brown has 3 of them. 
R8 at SA today, 8 horse field, Baffert has 4 of them. 

Have you played any of the NY races?  It's the pits.  They can't even assemble a field for the Woodward.  

I played Newmarket UK and York UK this morning.  Some of the fields were 21 horses.  Made $$$.  It was great.  Nobody overwhipped their horses, none of the horses or jockeys died.


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