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Travers Stakes   General Discussions

Started Aug-25 by Wintertrian; 2607 views.

From: Wintertrian


smartyslew said...

Lasix free: Rich Strike, Epicenter, Early Voting, Zandon : My Trifecta Box for giggles a repeat of the Derby ! LOL

Basically that was my line up in my opening post......except I'm replacing EV with the Mott horse. 

I hope at least 2 of those run in the tri. 

Not wagering anyway though. SAR doesn't interest me much and I don't feel like watching all the races to figure out how the track is playing.  Good luck to all!

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From: DogsUpWired


1st 3 races on dirt runner on lead early (4 Fl) won. 2nd to winner 2nd. 

Don't see Epi to close on speed time ahead of him and track surface. 

Race strategy will be early.

Get out and stay out. Pow! moves have to begin at 6 Fl  

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From: DogsUpWired


Cyber gets out, but from gate 1; knows the break will be quick due to all jocks knowing the loose track will not be kind to closing with nothing to offer. Behind will be forever. 

By 5 Fl navigate a path strategy. At 6fl with 4fl to go; the next 3fl with hopes his time in Haskell can be repeated; full out; a look back at the field...finish the last eighth.

And Joel and Prat know going too early ruin all chances and mother nature has made her surface call. 

They all know how to ride a horse. When to ride is the difference.


From: smartyslew


I like the idea of those 4 lasix free running 1-4  they deserve it imo.

Epicenter, Early Voting,  Zandon  Have the Best numbers at Saratoga 103 or higher.

I will probably put 1 in a box  with the 4 Lasix free, Hard to use the wiseguy Cyber never raced at Toga

Has gone 4 races without Lasix , has never run 3 good races in a row without lasix in one of them.

might add Artorius won a stks 9f at Toga awarded a 99, only 3 races 91 95 99 Arrogate/ Ghostzapper

is interesting this time of year.


From: DogsUpWired


How do you calculate weight with distance?
Then, find the force that was exerted on your object, which you can get by multiplying your object's mass by its acceleration. Next, plug these values into the equation W = F × D, where W = work, F = force, and D = distance, and solve for W.
NLasix = 30 pounds less 

From: DogsUpWired


. Ain’t Life Grand will have to run without Lasix for the first time as he moves into graded stakes company for the first time. Toss. Others no use for many months.

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From: twoshots


Early Voting is the value play for me. A huge advantage over all of them in early pace, albeit he might not get 10f. If he can’t, I like Zandon to pick up the pieces. I won’t be surprised if Epicenter bounces in this one, gets caught after chasing the pace. I won’t touch Rich Strike, he showed lack of composure after his Derby win and before the Belmont. Myself, I expect he’s run his best race.

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From: DogsUpWired


Jackie spotted 6 lbs to field on this meet's crunchy surface.

Yet I didn't use as free square as beaten it would be 'the ticket.




I just noticed the race is on TV,  so pulled up PPs  I might try to work in the Iowa bred on a ticket


From: pianot


Sorry but ran poorly.