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Travers Stakes   General Discussions

Started 8/25/22 by Wintertrian; 2678 views.

From: Wintertrian


Northof64 said...

My only thought is if you play Gilded Age you need to include Artorious. I see Early Voting fading again in this one. As you say Zandon has never beat Epicenter and I don’t see it here either. Cyberknife is progressing better than most here and I feel he is a must include

I was happy to see Early Voting stalk back in 4th/5th.   It was like I was looking over Brown's shoulder when he gave instructions to the jockey before the race and it came to me while posting ......he was NOT going to go to the lead and get involved with a speed duel (and rosario would not have been dumb enough to let Epicenter do that either)...not after the Wood or the Jim Dandy.   Plus I think it's more than clear now why EV was not in the KY Derby at 1-1/4 and certainly not in the Belmont at 1-1/2.  He really is a 1-1/8th horse, at best......I think it's important to look at trainer's intentions like this w/out even having to DO any actually handicapping with numbers.    And even in the Preakness EV was drifting all over the place at the end.    

I knew Cyberknife WOULD be sent, along with Life Is Grand, mostly because of Post #1.   Thing is, Cox must have had a ton of confidence in cyberknife's stamina abilities, because to go out like that and finish 2nd was pretty good, I give him props. 

I'm just happy when I get part of the pace "figured out" but admittedly did not think Cyberknife would hold on.  He's  like  summer bird for me,  I simply cannot warm up to him, and it cost me (not in the Travers since I didn't wager).  But there are just horses I cannot seem to really like?

Brown should not have thrown Artorious to the dogs like this, he was basically a "maiden with potential".  He's one of those like Rock your World, the entry in a race that "scares people", and then they turn out not scary at all.  It just proves that G1 horses win G1 type races.   Epicenter not being a G1 but I always included him as BEING ONE neverthless. 


From: Gerh


I know it’s off topic but it’s good to see that Classic Moment has had four workouts since mid August