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Taking Flight!   General Discussions

Started 9/3/22 by RAESFAN; 430 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Funny, I was comparing Flightline to Ghostzapper in a phone conversation last night.  It is necessary to separate the horse from the trainer and simply appreciate the horse.  Flightline is incredibly fast and appears to be gifted with 10 furlong scope.

Get Sadler out of the sport along with all the chronic cheats and the sport will be reinvigorated.  That's exactly what happened in both Japan and Hong Kong when bettor flight caused strong rules and regulations with no wiggle room to be adopted.  Now, they are two of most successful operations on the planet, though far different in many ways, as well.

They are both as clean as a whistle and that's what matters most.