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Started Sep-17 by pianot; 293 views.

From: pianot


Why does Asmussen pull Santana in favor of Rosario alot?

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From: smartyslew


Rosario's agent made a deal with Asmussen this year, Joel has 1st choice when Available and

Joel has other clients and the top Agent in The Business and it is a business and Santana fills in when Joel's

Agent made other deals and Joel sometimes goes to the race at the track his Agent Ron Anderson tells him.

Santana in the past was Assmussen 's go to guy.

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From: DogsUpWired


Azz and Santana would hookup when they were at track together at same time meet... for/during a season. And Joel Roze' be-at another circuit.

Santana not better as the big Day/Grade/purse  time  jock as Rosario. Easy pick..trainer,owner,bettor.

Some were down on Rosario and Prat as jocks. 

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From: Wintertrian


pianot said...

Why does Asmussen pull Santana in favor of Rosario alot?

I dunno but I hope he does that again at Oaklawn.   There was a day last year when Rosario lost every single race except one, on Assmussen's horses, and the one he did win was utter chalk. 

I made money that day betting against Rosario, once I saw he was going to "have a bad day."

Big name jocks become big names by proving themselves somewhere.....Santana has earned his keep for sure.  So has Arrieta and a few others I like.  

BTW----props to my favorite longshot jockeys.    E.T. Baird won 2 at KEEN today (Oct 7), the only 2 races he rode in.  He's a staple in my Virtual Stable.  (on David's Gem,$32.82; Mark of the Z, $14.62)   Bejarano ran ITM in 3 races.  Rosario ran 2nds all day. 


From: pianot


ET has always been a true rider, trying on everything he rode.