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The Great Freddy Head Retiring   European Racing

Started 9/19/22 by SameSteve G; 527 views.

From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

His sister, Criquette's name, for example, should ring a bell as another great.

Let's not forget that Freddie Head also rode as a jockey Miesque (Nureyev) when she won the Prix d'lspahan over there, and then for both her BC Mile wins here in the U.S.. ('87 and '88)......who as a Broodmare produced Kingmambo!!!  A great jockey becomes a great trainer, amazing really. His wins a a jockey are quite numerous compared to his training record.  I can't say I am familiar w/most of the horses he trained other than Goldi. 

I have quoted sister Criquette many times, from Water Hay Oats, you may remember in her conversation there about not drugging her horses:   "It just requires good horsemanship".  

I had suggested sarcastically, that she, her brother, and others fly over here and give our horsemen a few seminars.  :)   Because it sure looks like U.S. trainers can't train w/out their hypodermic needles in too many cases.   

Criquette is retired as well.   She won the Arc 3x.  But Freddie won it 4x (as a jockey).   



From: Wintertrian


SameSteve G said...

His sister, Criquette, had Treve who won 2 Arcs.

I looked more up.  I love looking at the pedigrees, and this truly royal "racing family" the Heads.  

Treve won 2 Arcs.  I did not know that she was planned to be sold in an auction but nobody bid, so she was repurchased by her breeder after her career was over? 

Criquette's other horse, Three Troikas, won the Arc 1x.  Northern Dancer's grandaughter.  Owned by her dad, raced in his wife's colors, trained by his daughter Criquette and ridden by Freddie Head!    (I find that amazing) Guess having Lyphard as your sire helps some.  Ped query has Lyphard down as the 2nd longest lived Stallion behind Bargain Day (euthanized at 36). So many champion sire and BMS champion titles for that one.    

And her other one, Bering, also bred and owned by her dad, Alec, ran 2nd in the Arc to Dancing Brave.  Timeform gave him a 136.  BMS also Lyphard.  

With Freddie's retirement, its like the end of a great era.   

There are few racing families in the US now, owners are people like who made fast money in energy drinks and seem to want more fast money in horse racing as well.   


SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Arc is less than two weeks away.  I'm hoping for a Japanese entry to win.  Loving Titleholder and keeping an eye on Do Deuce and Deep Bond as gigantic priced upsetters.


From: smartyslew


Lyphard 17b tff, Same family branch as Gun Runner.