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Started Nov-2 by pianot; 2578 views.



GioPonti said:

way wrong about Simplification.

Simplification was going to be my only big W bet on that day.  I think it was on Friday, I  heard that he bled in the Preakness.  Can't say I ever heard that or remembered that.  I still put a small W win bet on him that post is very favorable at KEE. Another Lasix related issue on a horse i was looking to W bet was Rougir.  Then someone pointing out to me that she got Lasix up at WO and was coming back to the US.  I have to remember to look into those things in the future for the WO shippers.  There should be something on horse who bled, I think I have seen it in the PP comments before , but not always.   

Another issue which kept me off some horses was those running in mid October Modern Games, doing that and the shipping had me a bit uncertain on relying solely on him.  Highland Chief I was liking except that recent run (along with Stone Age and Channel Maker)  HC had a perfect trip in his prior race, so those two things cooled interest in him.  I was terrible in the Sprint as usual, except using Manny Wah was hoping to see him get up, just missed.   My FM turf was awful.   Clairiere messed up my Distaff,, had the rest of them.  Still amazed Olympiad was 2nd to last choice at 27-1.  I had him 2nd on my list.

I went back and looked at the races Friday I was close in the Juv  Turf races,  Did not have Mediate, but had 2-4 finishing horses in that order in the Filly Turf.  Had the 1-3 horses in the Colt Turf, but Victoria Road was 3rd on my list, not 1.   Juv Turf sprint, had those top 4, but Mischief Magic was 2nd on my ticket.  Juv Fillies was awful, Ju was spot on.




He will be on my Derby Watch list. I look forward to his next start, hopefully in December.