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HISA Gets A Needed Boost   HRN Horse-Races.Net General Discussions

Started Dec-24 by SameSteve G; 9967 views.
SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Welcome to the 21st century, US Racing.  Uniform anti-doping and medication rules and boots on the ground, more sample collecting and it's an automatic win for the horses.


From: DogsUpWired


All the powers

who sit

under the twin spiral towers

Will be holding their breath every Derby day

That the trophy, money and prestige say

By incident will be taken away

No longer can a Mott or Steve Assmusen say whoa!

And prove their alleged case to those kinds who say No

Owners,trainers, and jockeys, race tracks (hot dog stand guy) soon will refuse to fund money and stuff

When all are effected and had enough.

"Ladies and gentlemen, hold all tickets.

After review of the Derby Inquiry and Objection.

And the winning jockey stating he struck his mount just one extra time beyond the total, following rules for safety. 

To date the one time a year Derby dude/dudess has went about their business following the first time of Derby winner DQ and the next drug follow up fiasco.

The next will incorporate these new rules,and,..likely not drugs.  Shrugs. And every one dayer Derby player (and once a year to a meet nearby) will continue on, there's drugs in sports, cheating, fixes, take turns. 

Small $5K every day/card /race seasonal claimer tracks operating but for the grace of casino/sports gamblers will also be crippled.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Sorry, Dogs.  Your post went right over my head.  I read it 3 times.  No big deal.


From: DogsUpWired


Says: With all the good intentions and outcomes possible, little by little as significant owners, trainers and jockeys are egregiously levied punitive and financial, (criminal not the same) they will defund their obligations or remove themselves from  their exposures.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Thanks for taking the time to translate.  LOL

Time will tell if you are correct or the other scenario in which the sport flourishes comes to pass.

Msg 2296.39 deleted

From: smartyslew


I see one red flag to me and I pray I'm wrong from the link on that Site!

(HIWU is anticipating that it will begin enforcement of the ADMC Program on March 27, 2023, pending approval of the ADMC rules submitted to the Federal Trade Commission in December and published to the Federal Register on January 26.)
Why The Federal Trade Commission is involved. To Political imo.

I think they take sides from the most pressure from the little bit I have seen.


From: smartyslew


I think from Your link ,I found this and its so cumbersome for anybody to comment on this link

at the Federal Register and this site needs to be slam dunked with comments from those in Favor

before the March deadline date .

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


Since this is a national rule it had to fall under the purview of one of the federal commissions and since the FTC is [ostensibly] responsible for fair competition and anti-fraud measures against consumers [gamblers] it was chosen as the umbrella agency.

As far as the comments go, the weight will be given to those comments who are for the welfare of the horse, IMO.

Not much we can do in the peanut gallery except express our opinions, eh?  Too bad one of us can't be racing czar.  LOL


From: Wintertrian


DogsUpWired said...

they will defund their obligations or remove themselves from  their exposures.

So, let them.   There are tons of investment vehicles on the planet, investors can choose from a myraid. 
Anything from clean energy, electric cars, stocks, storage facilities,  transportation/commercial shipping industry both domestic and international, etc.   .

However, if one's investment involves living breathing sentient beings, beings who did not choose to become racehorses but were bred for that purpose, that raises the standards and the bar required by quite a lot. 

It's sort of the difference between using heavy earth-moving equipment to build something, versus using thousands of human beings (who were also considered expendable) to carry and dig rocks by hand to build the pyramids.   

Any owner who wishes to deal with inanimate "widgets" has a myraid of opportunities to do so.   Most of us will not continue to allow them treat living beings as if they were inanimate, expendable widgets.   

I think the difference is crystal clear to most people.   

And if the investors who don't get that difference don't defund voluntarily then I have no problem with ensuring that they do so with a good old fashioned "kick in the pants"......get out, get out and good riddance!!