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Derby Winners -8 generation Female Linebreeding line 1990-2022   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started Apr-2 by smartyslew; 7798 views.
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From: smartyslew


This Thread is for Showing the 8 generation female linebreeding leaders for the top

2 derby Finshers 1990-2022 and what you want to look for.  
top Left Hand side is the Derby Year horses Name  under that 1st or 2nd place
Birth Year , DP, PTS, DI, CD, fam #, Sire?BMS, Back to Left, Under Horse ,Mares Names, Fam #
under INbreeding Stats, Crosses For the Mare, ex  2 crosses  for inbreeding 4 s x 4d, 2 progeny
3 crosses 7sx7d x7d etc, 2 progeny for Unbridled Below going across 
Aspidistra 1r,rf Dr Fager(H) Magic (f) crosses 2 lines 2 1 1 Blue Male Red Female ,
 Blood% 12.50% Influence 4x4 up closest to the horse AGR 14.28% this is the strongest
female influence in Unbridled's 8gen. Pedigree, She shows up in many DERBY  winners
Female 8Gen linebreeding  Mostly with these 2 here.Dr Fager1r is the BMS for the Sire Fappiano
Magic is Unbridleds 3rd DAM giving him The Rasmussen factor(rf) Magic Sire Buckpasser1x
Next Mare Plucky Liege 16a  7 crosses ,with 2 lines(progeny) Bull Dog 16a, Marguerite DE Valios
Blood 3.52%, 6x6 Influence AGR 3.52%, Next La Troienne 1x 6x7 blood 2.34 %, Agr 5.27%
3 more Mares are listed Next. after their data is 7 generation Coeffient of Inbreeding 1.754%
4% and Higher> is Negative according to some and I don't Know.
there is 511 Positions in 8 generations if a horse is for example in 5 positions ,he gets counted once
for him 4 times he doesnlt get counted. the total percentage is misleading

Number of unique ancestors in 8 generations (370/511) = 72.40%
UNBRIDLED H, 1987 DP = 12-15-19-0-12 (58) DI = 1.70   CD = 0.26, rf , 1r,Fappiano 16a/Le Fabuleux 13c

Horse Inbreeding Stats Crosses Lines Blood%
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In reply toRe: msg 35

From: smartyslew


I laid these 8 generation female linebreeding charts out so you can see how the pedigree has changed

since 1990 from some NP sires changing today to all p/p i9n over 30 years. 

and showing no matter the sire/ Bms lines we still have the N/N, Np, PN,dominating the female lines

of today and who is the Biggest influence up the closest in a pedigree . Slowly the P/P's will take this over.

I suggest when you have time to scroll over these 32 years of the top 2 finishers  try to count on a list

how many dams you count and the most 3 or 4 are totaled in all of them look  for up close 3x4 etc blood %

who the sires and dams are , how many Something Royal, Almahmoud, Natalma Selene, 

I;ll be displaying this years crop to see if anybody is interested in it.

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From: smartyslew


Here are the Mares to look for in a Derby winner
2 or more of these mares listed is a good angle.
The families numbers listed below are the most commonn
in a derby winners Female 8 generation linebreeding chart
Something Royal 2s
Aspidistra  1r
Knights Daughter 2f
Mumtaz Begum 9c
Almamoud 2d
Selene  6e
Natalma   2d
scapa flow  13e
La Troienne  1x
Mumtaz Mahal 9c
9c, 2s, 2d,1x, 13c,23b, 1r,2f, 6e, 16a,a4,4r,13e,1w
You do not want to see Something Royal 2s with Almahmoud 2d
or Her Daughter Natalma 2d together in a entrants 8 gen.
Female LB chart. It has never Happened to the first 3 finishers
in any Derby Year ever. Check all of the charts listed,
In reply toRe: msg 37

From: smartyslew


Its possible to have some combinations this year we never had before

Its possible 1st time mares combinations to get it done.

This year there are 4 or 5 entrants that Have Something Royal 2s and one of the 2

Almahmoud 2d or Natalma 2d in their pedigree charts, The odds go up with this many

running to make it Happen.


From: smartyslew


What are the odds of it happening in a year when 30 % of the field carry that burden ?

They could take care of the 1st 3 positions in one year.


From: Oldbettowin


Hmmm.  I’m not sure that’s a question math could answer lol.  I would want to know how many of that type there are that run in an average year and so on.  Or are you saying it’s never happened before?  I’m still trying to figure out who they are hahaha


From: sovereign1


smartyslew said:

You do not want to see Something Royal 2s with Almahmoud 2d or Her Daughter Natalma 2d together in a entrants 8 gen. Female LB chart. It has never Happened to the first 3 finishers in any Derby Year ever. Check all of the charts listed,

Could you do an example? Skinner

I see 2d and 2s listed in his female families but does he qualify for the win?



From: smartyslew


Its inbreeding in 8 generations

Something Royal 2s with Secretariat and Sir Gaylord 2s in a passing Position with Xfactor Princequillo

and a few others progeny are in many pedigrees. 

If a Almahmoud has inbreeding 2 or more Progeny mostly thru her daughters Natalma 2d and Cosmah 2d

and their Progeny like Natalma Dam of Northern Dancer, and she has 5 daughters and 8 other sons

and Cosmah 15 progeny mostly thru Halo Sire of Sunday Silence from this group Almahmoud, Natalma ,

and Cosmah almost thru these 3  2 of their progeny or more is Inbreeding  and Something Royal 2 or more Inbreeding has not worked  in a 8 generation Linebreeding chart to win the Derby.

Sometimes you have  5 Northern Dancers and 3 Secretariats in a pedigree for example

If they are the only ones from their Dam thats ok its not inbreeding.


From: smartyslew


Don't Qualify this year. I have never kept track how many each year is in the group
with 6 in the group and all  run thats 30% of the field, This could be the first year.

Practicle Move  Continuar
Sun Thunder   Skinner
Mage             Cyclone Mischief