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Thoughts about the jocks   Triple Crown - HRN Horse-Races.Net

Started May-7 by princeofdoc; 188 views.

From: princeofdoc


I've already mentioned in another thread that I think Tyler made a huge mistake on Verifying.  I thought he was the worst in the Derby.  Not as critical of JV on Reincarnate....thought he had him in the right spot, just didn't have the horse.  As I re-watch the race, Ortiz on Kingsbarn, while going too fast, was interfered with mid-stretch or would have held on for better.  Watch again, looks like he steadied and even lost footing.  To his credit, he stopped encouraging the horse, finished up carefully.  But I think he also went too fast, could easily stayed back a bit on Verifying's outside, and from the looks of it, would have passed him with momentum on the turn.

Loveberry gave Two Phil's a hell of a ride.  Impressive. Timed his inside move perfectly, darting ahead of Verifying along the rail, saving ground and spurting into the lead.  That ride was courageous and necessary for TP to place.

Castellano of course was THE jock of the day, timing everything just right....again, surging forward on the outside of Derma to get his momentum unleashed at the perfect time.  Went to the outside before Prat did, making all the difference.  With a better ride, A of E could have won....Prat staying inside too long.

I actually was most impressed with Manny Franco....literally out of everybody.  Watch him ride.  Leaves the dreaded #1 hole without incident, moves to the outside with plenty of horse entering the far turn, and launched Hit Show.  I have zero doubt he got the best possible result for that horse breaking from that post.  Hit Show's 5th place was for me, the biggest surprise of the Derby, and Franco's ride is the reason, as well as Cox's preparation too. 

I thought Rosario made it through a small hole, with courage and knowing how much horse he had, and Disarm outperformed for 4th.

Corrales gave a questionable ride on Raise Cain....who was BTL.  He lost momentum the same time Kingsbarn did, they bumped a bit, but RC came on again.  I think going forward he'll be surprising some folks.  But I am critical of both Ortiz and Corrales, as both their charges would have finished better with more alert guidance.  I think I'm being objective, as I had no tickets with either of them on it.

Interested if anyone else had thoughts about the jocks?


From: Wintertrian


Really enjoyed this read, I esp. enjoy reading such a post while watching the race again,  after-the-fact.  Thank you for providing it. Agree about the ride on Hit Show for sure.  


I am no capper of jockeys, that is not a skill I have.  As for Corrales, he's my longshot jockey, (just not in the KY Derby), and he is responsible for my big windfall on the undercard race, so I am too biased to comment. 

Raise Cain was all wrong for this race in too many ways so not sure a ride would have made a difference.   Nice Belmont horse perhaps.