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Melbourne Cup    Australian and Asian Racing

Started Nov-6 by TexSquared; 513 views.

From: TexSquared


Full card PPs here:

Big race goes off midnight ET Monday night/Tuesday morning.

SameSteve G

From: SameSteve G


I'm just going to watch this year with a small flyer on Break Up who appears on the M/line at 12/1.  I believe the last race over Caulfield was a good prep for this.  It's a price play and a bow to the Japanese for giving it a shot.

I wish I had more time.  i reviewed the card quickly and there are a couple really nice races on it.  

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From: Pedigreestar


Military Mission Mount of Rachel King good chance to win.Without a fight and Magical Lagoon are other two runners short listed by me to win.

Ravi Gowande



From: Wintertrian


Haven't looked at it yet, I might find a pick, probably a new zealand or australian based/trained horse, but I don't even know who is running.

Kinda tired of handicapping horse races after the BC weekend anyway.  I'm sure some of you can relate to that---it was a long (chalky) weekend.  


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From: Wintertrian


Jeez you start looking at the pedigrees and what the horses have done, some have run hurdles as well as flats, some even won at 16F, etc. 

These are the true great stayers of the world still racing at advanced ages, too.  Having raced in 4-5 different nations racecourses. 

Just looking thru them is kinda blowing my mind.  Kinda puts the BC Turf G1 into "perspective". 

This race is more like the Arc.    There are a couple Aga Khan breedings as well as homebred for Al Maktoum , etc. 

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From: Wintertrian


I like Steve and Pedigreestars picks too!


From: Plus2lbs


R1. 7

Run em down.

Close..beaten neck 3rd

Nice 9/1 winner

R2. 7

Run em down

Long last..

Looks little chalky rest of the way.

We'll see

R3. 5

Long 2nd last

R4. 5

Win 6/1..impressive

R5. 4


R6. 1,9,10

The Big one 

R7. 23

Run em down Kalapour

Go boy..get em next time

  • Edited November 6, 2023 11:14 pm  by  Plus2lbs

From: Wintertrian


Nice hit! there on R1. .  

I"m only doing the Cup. 


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From: Wintertrian


Melbourne Cup R7.  I'll start with my bomber longshots to run ITM first:
More Felons, True Marvel, Future History

Onward soon,  to my top horses.  Most everyone I've talked to is picking like 5-7 horses.  I can't play that many, too expensive. So I"ll go looking now......

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From: Wintertrian


trying to figure out why they changed rider for Breakout, his previous rider is on the ground at Flem, in R8, on a livewire horse named Kimochi. Can only guess maybe they didn't like the ride that jock gave, because he's only got the 1 race on the card so he was available.