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Morning Line Gems at Aqueduct over the Inner Dirt!!!   Handicapping

Started 2/19/17 by nowyouknow; 388 views.

From: nowyouknow


Prior to today the Morning Line Favorites ending in 5 were having a terrific month of February.

However, the 5er's had a pretty rough day today. Out of the 7 betting interests there was only 1 winner.

In looking at all of this, I totally missed that the odds maker leans heavily towards D Jacobson's horses!!!

I missed #3 Alright Alright in the 7th race and it was the only Morning Line ending in 5 that won today at Aqueduct!!!

D Jacobson's Morning Line 5er's have been red hot they've won 6 of their last 7 for a 92% return on your money per $2 win wager!!!

I will be paying more attention to D Jacobson's 5er's for the remainder of the inner Dirt season at Aqueduct!!!

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From: nowyouknow


The Morning Line 5ers have been taking a beating over the last 2 days.

A far cry from the torrid win and place streak during the beginning of the month

I will continue to watch the 5ers to see how things unfold going into the last week of February towards March at Aqueduct!!!

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From: nowyouknow


I missed #5 Resilient One yesterday with D Jacobson he was 8-5 in the Morning Line he paid $10.50 across the board!!!

I can't seem to get them when I need them!!!

Will have to watch out for D Jacobson's Morning Line 5er's next time at the Big A !!!

I think the oddsmaker is definitely aware of the situation!!!

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